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Why Choose UNO MINDA Spare Parts

Why Choose UNO MINDA Spare Parts

When it comes to choosing a brand that has a great market share in the auto-electronic parts industry…brands like UNO MINDA start the list. Like other original equipment manufacturers, this brand manufactures quality products for more than ten vehicle companies.

There must be some potential in this brand that answers the question, Why choose UNO MINDA Spare parts?

Not every brand selling auto-electrical parts in India has this much profit-sharing market!

Even FARGO has listed most of the products from this brand only.

If you are going to purchase any new auto-part and have doubt about whether to go with UNO MINDA or not then you are at the right place. I will clear your doubt and mention all the authentic points that make the customer choose this brand.

So, read the guide completely…


Started back in 1958 with average capital today the company has about US$1 Billion in turnovers. Currently, UNO MINDA is a leading auto-parts manufacturer and supplier in the industry.

In these six decades, the brand has innovated its products and contributed advanced technology in the field. Whether it is about design, quality, performance, reliability, or range…it has boosted the market.

Today, they have skilled and motivated 23000 workers on their team!

The headquarter is in Haryana India but they have about 71 running plants for auto-electrical parts manufacturing. These plants are established in the countries like Indonesia, Germany, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, and Spain.

Design centers are separately based in Spain, Japan, and Taiwan whereas sales offices are in North America, Europe, and other ASEAN countries.

It has been seen that technology and innovation were the two major aspects of the growth of UNO MINDA. Their innovations not only helped them in selling and sharing profit but also helped other OEM users to create advanced vehicles with the best quality.

The core performance in the company and valuable products successfully build the UNO MINDA brand!

This is a major reason that you will find their products in most of the offline as well as online stores. FARGO itself supplies its products in different products range.

High-Quality Products from UNO MINDA

The company manufactures and supplies durable, efficient, and affordable products in different categories. It undertakes all the necessary steps of processing a product.

You can purchase their products from online and offline stores.

However, I will recommend checking on FARGO. On our website, we have officially listed several UNO MINDA products at a very reasonable price. You can purchase Four wheelers parts, Two-wheeler parts, Three-wheeler parts, as well as Off-road products of this brand.

The automobile industry includes a great portion of this company.

This is a good reason why choose UNO MINDA spare parts!

Starter Motor

A starter motor is present for the rotation of the internal combustion engine. It provides defense by first controlling the electrical output of the vehicle. The starter is present in the system to protect the overall working engine.

There can be different kinds of starter motors like electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic.

On our website, we offer a Starter motor and its other spare parts from UNO MINDA

Alternator Assembly

For a complete and powerful battery charring process you must check out some high-quality Alternator Assembly products from UNO MINDA, on our website FARGO.

The electrical requirements on your car to run equipment like headlights, electrical wipers, and others are fulfilled by this product. If your vehicle is showing low or down energy to run accessories then you must replace the alternator assembly.

You can buy Alternator Assembly and other parts used in it from FARGO!


Vehicle horns may not seem like an important auto-electrical part in India but believe me, it is as important as every other spare part. Horn is a communication tool between one driver and the other while driving on the road. So, it is important to have a proper working horn.

Check out UNO MINDA Pressure horns, Electric horns, Melody Makers, and Reverse horns on FARGO.

Meter and Gauges

As horns are the communication tool between drivers on-road…similarly meters and gauges present on your vehicle’s dashboard are communication tools between you and your vehicle.

If you are having a doubt related and meter’s or gauge’s working then you must change it with a new one. I will recommend choosing from OEM UNO MINDA, clicking on the link, and purchasing different meters and gauges like speedometer, temperature meter, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, and many more.

Auto Switches

The next UNO MINDA spare part is an auto switch. On your vehicle, there are different types of switches installed and a proper working sink among them is defiantly needed. You can purchase an ignition switch, thermo switch, combination switch, and many more auto-switches on FARGO.

Auto Switches from UNO MINDA comes with high build quality and affordable prices.

Other Diverse Spare Parts

The above listed auto-parts category does not limit the manufacturing of UNO MINDA, they are some key and high selling products from the company. Besides them, there are many more auto spare categories where UNO MINDA is creating high-quality products.

Currently, this category includes Auto-cables, Relays flasher, Two wheeler spare parts, Three-wheeler spare parts, and Four wheeler spare parts as well.

UNO MINDA Current Domestic Clients

Why choose UNO MINDA Spare Parts? Well, this question can be easily answered by knowing the domestic clients of the company. Not only you are buying from this reputed brand but companies like these are also officially associated and using their products…


  • BMW
  • HERO
  • Mahindra
  • KTM
  • TVS


  • FORD
  • FIAT  GM
  • Mahindra
  • TATA


  • JCB
  • Mahindra
  • TAFE

So, this was a straightforward answer related to the quality and performance of UNO MINDA spare parts.

I hope you have found this guide useful!

Now, if you wanted to purchase auto-electrical parts in Delhi from UNO MINDA then check our website FARGO! Get high-quality and certified products at a reasonable price…

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