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Difference Between Alternator & Starter

Difference Between Alternator & Starter

Do you know what the initial source of a car’s electrical energy is?

You must be thinking it’s a battery, but it’s not the right answer! The battery is responsible for an overall electrical current holding distribution, the part that works as an initial source of energy is Alternator and Starter.

The mechanical energy of the car is converted into electrical energy by the alternator.

While starter does the opposite…it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Components working inside the alternator are the engine fan, ignition coils, headlights, fuel injection system, and others. Whereas the energy from the starter is used for turning the vehicle on.

So, what’s the Difference Between Alternator & Starter?

I will discuss the difference in this post and also mention symptoms when you needed to change an alternator or starter. Also, you can purchase auto-electrical parts in India from FARGO.

What is an Alternator?

An alternator is a spare part that works while you are driving your car. Its goal is to replenish a charge in the battery and power different electric components in your car. Where the starter is powered by a battery…this part is powered by the engine.

For the constant running of the car…battery powers the spark plug.

The alternator is the component that maintains charge in the battery, relatively for short time.

The mechanism used in this part is electromagnetism. The magnet present in it produces a strong current when the wire is coiled around it many times. I have discussed more Alternator and it’s working in another blog so check it out.

What is a Starter?

There is a starter motor powered by a battery and works as an electric motor to start the engine.

Turning the engine on means rotating the engine without spark plugs or fuel…for a short drive. However, for proper driving…engine needs heavy momentum due to its weight. In between the gap, the starter provides the momentum until the engine again starts running itself.

The amount of electricity needed by the starter motor is large and it is connected with large cables.

Know the difference

The difference between these two spare parts can be understood by their functioning.

Generally, alternators do not show direct signs of damage. They stop working without proper warning but the starter motor gives clear warnings before completely fading out.

Where an alternator is an eclectic machine, the starter motor does exactly what its name says…it starts the engine. Different equipment on your vehicle run through the alternator.

It has been seen that both the spare parts have a lifespan between 6-and 12 years.

But due to many reasons, your starter/alternator may get damaged and required to be replaced. The frequently asked question is what indications for damage or bad alternator/starter are.

The indications are not direct but you can check them as…

Symptoms of damage or bad alternator/starter

With the overtime of working, both the auto-parts needed to be replaced. You must keep eye on some symptoms which indicate damage spare parts or the electric system. For replacement checkout auto-electrical parts in Delhi.  

Bad Alternator symptoms in vehicle

Alternators have a long working life but in case of damage the show signals like…

  • Dim dashboard lights and headlights.
  • Engine having starting issues.
  • Burning rubber smell from engine.
  • ALT light turns on.
  • Grinding noise from the engine.

Bad Starter symptoms in vehicle

On the other hand, starters are needed for the current flow at the first start. In case of damage…symptoms are…

  • Current flow on the dashboard but no engine startup.
  • Grinding noise from the engine while starting.
  • Engine downfall after jump start.

How to decide whether Alternator or Starter is bad?

While starting your car you face some issues. Now, how to determine whether there is a problem with the alternator in Starter? Well, this can be done easily by following simple steps.

First, check the alternator conditions…see whether the vehicle struggles to start or not. The good point is, that you can drive around for a short distance even with a bad alternator. With the engine on you have to remove the negative battery cable.

If the engine stops…that indicated your vehicle needs alternator replacement!

For checking the starter condition, you have to first turn on the ignition key. If the engine does not get started then your starter is in bad condition and needed to be changed. Next, you can open the hood and wiggle the battery connections.

If still there is no power then the vehicle has a bad starter.

You can replace the alternator and starter from your nearby or shop for auto electrical parts on FARGO.

Alternator and Starter for Car: FARGO

Now when you know about the basic Difference Between Alternator & Starter and you have sure about the problems in your vehicle related to these parts…it’s time to replace them as soon as possible.

If you face an ignition, engine, or electrical-related problem then you must change the required spare parts. Else the bad auto-parts bring risk to your driving and safety.

The question arises…how to purchase good auto-electrical parts in India?

Well, you don’t need to search for any other market because on FARGO we provide a wide range of auto-electrical parts in Delhi as well as over the nation.

From here you can purchase the best alternators and starter motors from well-known brands.

Well, deal in a wide range of automobile spare parts which are developed by OEMs. Quality and customer satisfaction were always our motto.

So, today we are offering auto parts at a very affordable price.


Both Alternator and Starter are initial auto-parts in a vehicle, especially inside a car’s engine.

They both have different functioning and purposes in your car. And we can say one is connected to the other, without one…another one may not provide a complete recital.

The basic difference is only that, the starter or starter motor uses the electricity while the alternator generates it. Both are related to core electricity generations but their function in the cycle makes them different from each other.

The situation for replacing these parts can be faced any time and for these situations…FARGO is available for you 24X7. Make a purchase now and get them at a reasonable price warranty!

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