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Top 10 Automobile Part Wholesalers in Delhi

Do you know about Automobile parts wholesalers in Delhi? Well, if yes then this website is here just for you. This guide on FARGO will help you to know more on the Top 10 Automobile Part Wholesalers in Delhi. Read on for more. 

You can find a wide range of car spare parts in Delhi. 

If you are a car owner, you may want to upgrade your vehicle with new accessories. It is important to select proper spare parts for your vehicle. The markets in Delhi offer good prices on car accessories. 

But it is important to select authentic accessories to avoid compromising the quality. 

For this, you should know the top 10 automobile part wholesalers in Delhi. So, read this post completely because FARGO has discussed this topic here. 

Largest Automobile Part Wholesalers in Delhi

Currently, Delhi has one of the biggest markets in India for auto-electrical products. 

This is not to mention the fact that the capital of the city was one of the first in the country to exempt registration fees on all forms of transportation. It is also the city with the most charging points, which will be matched in numbers over the next two years. 

With high demand from all over the country, the automobile part wholesalers in Delhi provide top-notch spare parts. In a while, you will be reading the top 10 among them. 

Some spare parts wholesalers from Delhi have online stores while some have offline in the market. However, there are many suppliers that provide auto-electrical spare parts in Delhi at both online and offline stores. 

Automobile Part Wholesalers

The list of the Top 10 Automobile Part Wholesalers in Delhi is here: 

FARGO Auto Electricals 

FARGO is a leading automobile parts wholesaler in Delhi. With a market experience of more than five decades, FARGO delivers top-notch spare parts from OEMs and brands. 

They include all types of auto-spare parts like started motors, alternator assembly, horns, meters, gauges, auto-switches, wires, and many more. They deal with high-quality products which are manufactured by BOSCH, HELLA, PECO, KAMEI autoelectrik, VARROC, UNO MINDA, and many more. 

You will get all products at an affordable price! 

Paris Auto Spare Parts 

Paris Auto Spare Parts deals with all types of three and four-wheeler spare parts. They provide products at wholesale prices. That means you will get a good discount from them. 

They have their offline store at Kashmere Gate, Delhi.

Smartex Power Edge

Having an awesome online store with organic customers, Smartex Power Edge is one of the known automobile part wholesalers in Delhi. They have more than four years of market experience. 

Currently, they mainly focus on two-wheeler spare parts but soon they are upgrading to four-wheelers also. You can check their online store as an offline shop in Old  Delhi.

Avant Auto Parts 

Avant Auto Parts have an online product store that provides thousands of auto-electrical parts. Not only that, but they also supply their products to all over India while maintaining the quality of the product. 

They mainly deal in car exterior parts like headlights, windshields, and many more. They have their offline store at Kashmeere Gate, Delhi also. 

Carlton Motors Pvt Ltd. 

With more than customer experience of four decades, Carlton Motors Pvt Ltd. is a Delhi-based automobile parts wholesaler. They have captured the two-wheeler spare parts market in Delhi sharing the high profit. 

You will get all kinds of two-wheeler parts from their offline shop at Kashmeere Gate, Delhi. 

Deep Enterprises 

If you are looking for auto-electrical spare parts in India in bulk, check out Deep Enterprises. On their offline shop, you will see their best products. Although their target products are limited they manufacture them in high quantities. 

When you purchase from Deep Enterprises in bulk, you will get a very affordable price. 

Arihant Accessories 

Arihant Accessories have an offline shop at  Desh Bandhu Gupta Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi. No, doubt they are a leading automobile parts wholesaler for cars. Their products include wires and sintered bushes. Arihant accessories have genuine products for sure. 

They have more than 25 years of market experience with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Cartrend Auto Private Limited 

If you are from Gurgaon Delhi then you must have heard about Cartrend Auto Private Limited. They have a well-established name in the auto-electrical market of Delhi. You will get the parts from OEMs and other Brands at their offline store. 

Cartrend Auto Private Limited mainly deals with four-wheeler spare parts. 

Motor Parts Junction 

Motor Parts Junction is our next best automobile parts wholesaler in Delhi. They have a very popular offline shop at Sector 17, 18 Road, Gurgaon Sector 17. They mainly provide oils, belts, bolts, engine parts, air filters, oil coolers, thermostats, lamps, cooling coils, electrical filters, and many more. 

This means, at Motor Parts Junction you will get A to Z for all types of auto-electrical parts. 

Mayur Traders 

Last but not the least, Mayur Traders is a verified automobile wholesaler in Delhi. They hold more than ten years of market experience where they shared high profits. 

Mayur Trades mainly deals with seats and covers for cars. 

Their wide range of car seats will bring quality and comfort. If you are looking for matters, body covers, seat covers, baby seat covers, automotive wheels, or automobile covers then you should contain them. They have their offline shop at Punja Sharif, Kashmere Gate, Delhi.


This was our guide from FARGO on the Top 10 Automobile Part Wholesalers in Delhi. 

For buying even a small spare part of the vehicle, you must look all over the market of Delhi. That is because it is one of India’s most wide markets for automobile spare parts. Most customers visit online and offline stores to get the best price after comparison. 

Now, FARGO has made this step easier for you. We have provided everything in one place!

We hope that you have found this guide useful about automobile part wholesalers. Share your views in the comment section and make sure to have a deal on FARGO.

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