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Starter Motors

Starter Motors

We sell a wide range of Starter motors & Their Parts that are high precision. We offer Starter Motors...

Brand: Bosch, Valeo, Lucas etc.
Starter Motors

Alternator Assembly

Our range of Alternator Assemblies includes the products from OEMs as well as products...

Brand: Minda, Kamei, Varroc etc.
Starter Motors

Meters & Gauges

We offer a comprehensive solution for the Meters & Gauges used in the Automobiles Industry...

Brand: V3, Minda, Kamei etc.
Starter Motors


We offer wide variety of horns. We offer best quality Air Pressure Horns made in India by Kamei...

Brand: Kamei, Minda, Varroc etc.
Starter Motors

Coach Fan

We offer complete range of Coach Fans suitable for Cars, Trucks, Buses and Tractors made by Kamei Autoelectrik...

Brand: Kamei.
Starter Motors

Auto Wires & Cables

Auto wires offered by us are made from full gauge pure copper wires and fire resistant, highly flexible PVC to ensure...

Brand: Kamei, V3, Minda etc.
Starter Motors

3 Wheeler Parts

We offer a comprehensive range of high quality products sourced from OEM as well as other Smaller Companies...

Brand: Varroc, Pavna, Kamei etc.
Starter Motors

Auto Switches

We have a very large range of switches used in automobiles including but not limited to combination switches .

Brand: Inensy, Minda, Kamei etc.
Starter Motors

Relays & Flashers

We have very long list of Relays and Flashers (with and without Wiring & Couplers) to offer that are directly...

Brand: Interface, Vegas, Kamei
Starter Motors

Holders & Couplers

We have a very wide range of solutions in this category that ensure durability, proper connectivity and current flow...

Brand: Kamei, GS-Ascot, Varroc
Starter Motors

Fuses & Fuse Boxes

We are authorized Channel Partners of the Industry big-shot Littlefuse and offer complete solutions in their ...

Brand: Littlefuse, Kamei etc.
Starter Motors

Fog Lamps & Head Lights

We offer over 100 models of Fog-lamps, Roof-lights, Murgan lights that help increase vision of the drivers...

Brand: Varroc, Kamei, GS-Ascot
Starter Motors

Halogen & LED Bulbs

We offer Halogen and LED bulbs made in India by Phoenix, Osram and Kamei Autoelectrik that ensure maximum light...

Brand: Osram, Phoenix, Kamei
Starter Motors

Sintered Bushes

We have Sintered bushes made from Pure Brass manufactured by MSP Bushes and Kamei Autoelectrik...

Brand: MSP, Kamei & Ascott etc.
Starter Motors

Miscellaneous Components

We have most of the Auto Electric Components used in Three Wheelers, Cars, Mini Trucks, Tractors, Buses.

Brand: Various Brand Avail.