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Maruti Suzuki Spare Parts and Accessories

Are you looking for Maruti Suzuki Spare Parts and AccessoriesIf yes, then you have clicked on the right post. Here, I will give a complete guide about the Maruti Suzuki brand, its market share in India, its wide range of spare parts, available accessories in the online market, and many more.

The auto-electrical parts in India are an extensive industry where different companies are established.

In this market companies like Maruti Suzuki shares high profit by manufacturing two and four-wheeler vehicles. You must know the brand from their four-wheeled cars like Alto, Dezire, Celerio, Brezza, and lots more.

But do you know that the company also manufactures top-notch spare parts and accessories?

Yes, they are! And they successfully became an Original Equipment Manufacturer in the market.

So, let’s get straight to our topic and find the reasons…why Maruti Suzuki’s spare parts are ruling the industry and what are its best products as well as accessories.

Maruti Suzuki’s Popularity in Indian Market

Maruti Suzuki Ltd. India produces the Maruti, which is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation of Japan. All was started with the production of the Maruti 800 which was manufactured as a motor vehicle in 1983. It was a great start for the corporation.

Currently, the Indian market is led by this company!

You have seen their top models like Grand Vitara, Swift, Gypsy, Baleno, Ertiga, Ciaz, and of course Alto.

These are the most soled models with amazing designs and performance.

Even their basic models claim full benefits with driver’s comfort. This all gets possible because of the quality spare parts, appropriate design, useful accessories, and other equipment added to the vehicle.

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Maruti Suzuki also manufactures genuine parts and accessories for your vehicle. They believe in style and safety both on and off-road. With their excellent products…they are servicing millions of Maruti Suzuki customers.

Maruti Suzuki Spare Parts

Check out these affordable spare parts from the company…


Safety is their first priority and when it comes to safety…it starts with breakes. Maruti Suzuki is currently providing all spare and auto-electrical parts related to breakes for all models.

Break pad sets, spring break pads, and other pad set FRT disc breakes in a variety of ranges are available.


Suspensions play important role in comfortable driving on bumpy roads.

Frame comp front suspensions, front suspension frames, suspensions, and different frames for a number of car models are manufactured by them. The price range is reasonable depending upon the vehicle model and product quality.

Fog lamps and Bulbs

If you are looking for new Fog Lamps or some Xtreme vision bulbs with the latest designs then you must check there from the Maruti Suzuki brand.

There are two different types of Xtreme vision bulbs at different prices as well as Fog lamps and Kits for lamps available in the store.


Tiers play a very essential role in comfortable driving and safety on road. From my side…there must be no compromise while choosing tiers for your car! The price range from Maruti Suzuki in the category of tiers may seem quite high but it is worth it!


A powerful battery backup with long-term running is required for a quality driving experience. If your equipment running on the battery is not working efficiently r showing diminishing power then you may need to replace the battery with a new one.

Starting with an affordable price…premium batters are available for a number of car models.

Maruti Suzuki Accessories

Accessories help our car to work more versatile and also enhance the car’s overall look. Read which Maruti Suzuki accessory you can purchase and fit in your car.

Cabin air filter

For air filtration, you will very budget-friendly cabin air filters for various models. These filters are designed in a manner that gives their best performance while suiting the interior look.

You can also purchase other purifier products to maintain freshness in your car. Check out the car purifier cartridge, car smoke eliminator, car ionizer, cup holder, as well as air quality index meter from the Maruti Suzuki manufacturer.

Hanging perfumes

Besides, air filters…car perfumes play a major role to maintain a bloom and pleasant environment in your car. The price range of car perfumes is very affordable…you will get verity while selecting them.

Perfumes, hanging perfumes, gel perfumes, and air spares, are available.

The best part about these perfumes is…they come in cute cartoonish designs!

Door visor

Checkout door visitors from the Maruti Suzuki brand at premium quality and at reasonable prices.

There are two types of door visitors offered by the company, the first one is the black transparent, and the second one is the chore inserted one. Their fitting is proper and claims long-term functioning in your car.

Starting from Alto 800 and Baleno…door visors are available for most of the car models.

Wiper blades

During heavy rainfall or foggy whether…proper wiper blades play a significant role in your safe driving.

If you are looking for some highly affordable wiper blades from a well-named brand then you must go with Maruti Suzuki Wiper Blades. They offer wiper blades for the rear, front, back, left as well as right.

Car care parts

There are several more spare parts and accessories present in your car which need periodic maintenance for proper running. This includes Plugs, Ring-oil pan, Drain plugs, Pins, plugs oil drain, Door handles, Spark plug, Oil filter, Nuts, Circlips, Screws, Bolts, Clips splash guard, Clamps, Rush smash, Hinge relief wax, Clutch-discs, and many more.

These spare parts assure a smooth driving experience!


So, this was our complete guide on Maruti Suzuki Spare Parts and Accessories.

I hope you have found the guide useful and all the products you were looking for.

Maruti Suzuki has already established a huge market spare globally. The spare parts and accessories they manufacture are convenient for their car models. But you can also use them for their car brands as well.

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We offer you some quality products at a reasonable price!

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