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Alternator for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles

Alternator for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles

Modern automobiles are built with advanced auto-electrical parts. Among various electrical parts, alternators are very important. Alternator for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles are needed in all vehicles.

For heavy commercial vehicles and tractors, it requires top-notch alternators.

This is the major component that supplies electricity to the overall system. A powerful belt made up of wire beading powers the alternators. Alternators are fixed at the side of the vehicle’s engine. The higher quality alternator brings better performance and stability to the vehicle.

Alternator is a major part in commercial vehicles as well as for tractors. They provide the rest of the electricity to the overall system when these heavy vehicles are running.

In this post we will be reading about Alternators for Commercial Vehicles and Alternators. The importance of good alternators in a heavy vehicle is very high. The best alternators for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles. And where to buy the best alternators for tractors?

These questions are answered by FARGO!

What is an Alternator?

When it comes to a four-wheeler or heavy vehicle, alternators play a very essential role in it. You can understand the working or purpose of this auto-part in a very simple way.

An alternator works as a battery tank or we can say that it is a storage tank for energy. This electrical part supplies power to the vehicle until it gets drained out. It is a pump on the top of the battery. An alternator acts like a pump by supplying power to the vehicle.

This automobile part is fixed on the side of the engine. It consists of two windings of wires and driven by a belt. There is another part present in it called rotator.

The rotator and stator of an alternator work together and generate flow of electricity!

Regular cars and other vehicles on the road have around a 12V alternator system. However, tractors and commercial vehicles will require around a 24V alternator system. This clarifies that heavy vehicles will need a high alternator power system.

Categories for Alternators for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles

While purchasing an alternator, you can check your requirement through classifications. Below we have categorised tractor alternators on different bases.

Tractor Alternators for different speeds

  • Ultra-High Speed Alternators
  • High Speed Alternators
  • Mid Speed Alternators
  • Low Speed Alternators

Tractor Alternators for different horsepower output

  • More than 351 HP
  • 301-350 HP
  • 249-300 HP
  • 200-249 HP
  • 150-199 HP
  • 100-149 HP
  • 40-99 HP
  • Below 40 HP

Tractor Alternators for different movement

  • Crawler or Track based tractors
  • Pneumatic based tractors
  • Chain type tractors

Tractor Alternators for different regions

  • APAC- Asia Pacific Region
  • Gulf and Mid-East Region
  • Europe Region
  • Africa Region
  • North America Region
  • Caribbean Region
  • Latin American Region

Top Alternator Models for Tractors

On the basis of high demand and purchase, there are some popular alternator models in the market. These models got highlighted because of their heavy performance.

  • First we have an alternator model 612630060039 from FAW company. With great features and design.
  • Moving towards the next model, it is a 3116676R91 12V low rpm alternator from WMM.
  • Another magnet type alternator model 021000-8660 from Nippon Denson is high in demand. This is a brushless alternator.
  •  Next we have an alternator from AJ Electric with a double pulley and 4024wpd.
  • A very demanding alternator model,  Delco 10SI  is from Delco company with single wire system and spool mounting.
  • For agricultural tractors, Dongfeng Motor Corporation launched their alternator model  JFWB17A. This alternator has an aluminium alloy body for heavy performance.
  • A very fresh alternator model Luca IR/EF is developed by Parts Players.
  • Last but not the least, Rare electrical has launched their alternator model MAZA096672 in the market. This is designed to deliver high efficiency.

Working of an Alternator

The alternator produces Alternating Current with change in directions. A rectifier present in the vehicle converts this AC into Direct Current. For this, valves are present in it.

A regulator present there controls the electricity charge on it.

When you start your vehicle’s engine, the alternator spins and starts producing electricity. On the basis of power demand, the regulator maintains the power of voltage. As soon as light dash light goes off, it indicates that the alternators is not relaying on the key-switch any more.

OEMs and Brands for Tractor Alternator

When you have read enough about different types of alternators. Now, have a look at various OEMs and Brands for Alternators for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles. 

An alternator consists of different parts. This includes startor, rotator, pulley, roll bearing, rectifier, and others. You can purchase a complete alternators or its parts from OEMs.

Currently, the most demanded brands for alternators are BOSH, UNO MINDA, KAMEI autoelectrik, GS-ASCOT, Lucas-TVS Limited, Valeo, and Varroc. You should be purchasing alternators for Commercial Vehiclesor Tractors from these well-established OEMs.

You will be reading in a while about how to purchase from these brands at a very good price!

FARGO: Alternators for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles

One of the leading auto-electric parts providers, FARGO is one of the best online stores. Here, you can check a wide range of auto parts in India. As a leading online store it has been serving the automobile market for more than 5 decades with customer satisfaction.

Alternators for commercial vehicles and tractors are present in this store. You can check the FARGO Products and purchase high quality parts at an affordable price.

You have read about various OEMs and Brands for alternators. Alternators from these OEMs are listed on this online store. Also, there are many more product categories for you.

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This was our complete guide on Alternators for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles. 

Driving a heavy commercial vehicle or tractor is a very tough task. These heavy automobiles behave differently from regular road vehicles. Thus, there auto parts like alternators also need specific attention.

I have already listed some top-notch alternator models for Tractors & Commercial Vehicles. You can purchase any auto parts as per your requirement.

To get a quality product on budget, make sure to check out FARGO!

What other auto-parts are you looking for? Let us know in the comment section.

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