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Difference Between OEM & Genuine Automobile Spare Parts

Difference Between OEM & Genuine Automobile Spare Parts?

With the advancement in the industry, today’s vehicles and automobiles come with auto electrical parts. From headlights and meters to horns and auto switches, each electronic part has its own value in the performance and safety of the vehicle.

When choosing fresh auto-electronic parts in India one must know the difference between OEM & Genuine Automobile spare parts.

Since 1920, most vehicles are coming up with battery and electric-based functioning.

Currently, auto electric parts became an integral part of the automobile industry. When you have genuine automobile parts…it assures proper engine startup as well as safety while driving.

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However, in this post, we will discuss the key difference between genuine automobile spare parts and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Also, you will find the best platform to purchase auto parts.

So, read this post till last.

Choosing the right spare parts

The situation of getting a new spare part for your vehicle can be faced anytime and by anyone. And here if you don’t know how and from where you can replace your vehicle’s electric parts…you may fall for the wrong products.

However, I will help you in this situation.

Well, in case of purchasing a new auto-electrical part in India you may either go with genuine automobile parts or directly from original equipment manufacturers.

Both online and offline market is full of these two types of spare parts suppliers. And this also creates confusion for people who don’t know much about vehicle components and how to choose them.

If seen from a point of customer…there will be not much difference between these two…

But once you read about them from every aspect…you will understand that there is a lot of difference between OEM & Genuine Automobile spare parts which make an effect on your vehicle’s performance.

What is OEM?

OEM refers to Original Equipment Manufacture/s. The parts which are originally built by the company of the vehicle are OEM parts. The auto-manufactures that complete the whole vehicle development are known as OEM.

The auto parts which came with your vehicle just after purchase are OEM auto-electrical parts.

However, these parts do now carry the manufacturer logo as they are already come installed with the vehicle. These parts are not much different from the genuine parts but the only thing is, you get them at a better value.

If you have not changed a spare part in your vehicle after purchase then it is from OEM!

What are genuine spare parts?

Auto-electrical parts in India have generally manufactured parts from the company which is used whenever you wanted to replace any spare.

For the very first time your vehicle got manufactured…it has genuine spare parts!

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The genuine parts are comparatively expensive as they carry the logo of the manufacturer. However, it is not stated that genuine spare parts are better than OEMs.

You have to read a short comparison before purchasing them…

OEM Vs. Genuine Spare Parts

The difference between OEM & Genuine Automobile spare parts can be understood on these bases:


The first factor needed to be seen in any spare is its performance. Is it really working appropriately or not? On FARGO we provide OEM parts that are designed for the best performance.

If the OEM is from a good brand then there is no doubt it can compete with genuine spares.

You will find good performance from both categories while driving your vehicle.

Build quality: 

This is the first factor where genuine spares find it hard to compete with original equipment manufacturers. They are not always made with low quality but OEM auto-parts are found quite better.

For saving and rational driving purposes, genuine spare parts are okay.

But for advanced and safe driving checkout OEMs auto-parts in Delhi are listed on FARGO.

Price: Price is an initial factor when choosing an auto-electric part in India. On this base, you should know the difference between OEM & Genuine Automobile spare parts.

The genuine spare parts are available at a cheaper price in the market, compared to OEMs.

Quality acts primarily in the price factor. But many genuine manufacturers provide great quality at a competitive price.


There is no purpose of a quality product with a reasonable price until it is available to the customer. So, whose auto-electric parts are more available OEMs or genuine manufacturers?

Well, you can easily get auto parts from genuine manufacturers on both online and offline markets. However, OEMs have limited availability till showrooms.

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Warranty: The vehicle and its components are needed to be superior!

Whether you purchase an auto-part from OEM or a genuine manufacturer…you will get a minimum warranty of one year. During this period, you can replace the spare if it gets damaged or uneven.

On our website, we provide a wide range of auto-electrical products with one to two warranty years.

FARGO on OEMs vs. Genuine Spare Parts

Our goal is to provide a wide range of automobile electronic products to every customer at a reasonable price. We deal in reliable brands and also provide direct spare parts from manufacturers.

Whether you are looking for OEMs or Genuine manufacturers…you will found on FARGO.

To satisfy your versatile demand for auto-electric products, we deliver thousands of spare parts meeting different requirements. You will get quality auto parts from well-known manufacturers at a very affordable price.

You will always get some kind of warranty on our products!

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So, I hope now you have known the difference between OEM & Genuine Automobile spare parts.

But in the end, your purchase will depend upon your requirements and factors like quality, availability, and price. And to know more about auto-parts you don’t need to search further…just visit our website through provided link.

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