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Starter Bendix Drive Assembly

Do you Know About Starter Bendix Drive Assembly? It is an engagement auto part in the starter motor. Initially, it is present in the combustion engine of the starter motor.

If you have read our blogs related to auto-electrical parts in India then don’t miss this one.  Bendix Drive Assembly or Starter Bendix Drive holds key importance in the working of internal combustion engines. And you should be familiar with these automobile parts.

So, here in this post, we will give a complete guide on Bendix Drive.

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What do you know about Starter Bendix Drive?

Bendix Drive Assembly was invented by Vincent Hugo Bendix and named after him.

A very important auto electrical part, Bendix Drive is a kind of mechanism used to start motors of vehicles. It is used and works as an engagement part for an automobile.

The internal combustion engine holds this part along with the starter motor.

This auto part holds the engagement and disengagement of the rings present on the pinion gear. These rings are attached to the flywheel or flexplates. When the engine starts, it automatically starts running.

Working of Bendix Drive

Being a part of the starter motor or internal combustion, this electrical part holds initial importance in a vehicle. It has very critical working that leads the whole engine to run.

With this, the starter motor gets placed on the helical drive spring. With the turning of the starter motor, the pinion assembly causes a change in the length of the spring. This allows the pinion to engage with the ring gears.

These rings cause speedy rotation in the pinion when the engine starts. At this point, the drive pinion is forced back. Now, the ring gear gets back out with a mesh.

There is also a drawback in Starter Bendix Driver Assembly.

During this work, there is a clash between the pinion and the rings. Initially, this clash occurs in the teeth of ring gears and pinions. Before they slip into the place this clash starts going on. As soon as the pinion comes in contact with ring gears…it starts spinning.

The pinion teeth strike the gear teeth side by side not face to face. By this, wear happens on both sides of the teeth. For this, the Bendix drive has been fitted in the starter motor.

Concept of Bendix Drive Assembly

On the starter motor, there is a Bendix Drive Assembly. This auto part the inertia of pinion gear. This causes the motor to spin longitudinally. the spiral spline accelerates with the motor shaft. With this, the motor gear pinion gets engaged.

With the start of the engine, the speed also increases and it accelerates the pinion. The motor shaft spline retracts along with the starter motor. This all leads to disengaging of the rings. This whole concept of Bendix Drive Assembly has a common operating lever drive.

Bendix Starter Drivers

The Bendix Starter Drive Assembly is manufactured with expertise. The modern tools and trained professionals build these drive assemblies. They have quality stainless steel as raw material and it is used to develop the original product.

While keeping the international standards, Bendix Starter Drivers are designed.

As soon as the product gets manufactured, it is kept in the warehouse. On-demand in various industries, these starter drivers are delivered instantly.

Specifications of the product

  • Wear-resistant
  • Build quality
  • Accurate dimensions
  • Non-corrosive
  • Right-hand screwdrivers 108838C
  • Left-hand screwdrivers 108835C

Replacing a Bendix Drive Assembly

When you Know About Starter Bendix Drive Assembly and its working. Now, you should be also aware of replacing this part. This replacement can be done on two types of starter motors. One on a pre-engagement and the other on an inertia starter motor.

On an Inertia Starter Motor

There must be a circlip recessed into the buffering spring. You have to compress it first. To compress it you need to screw the tube downwards. Using a small screwdriver hook out the circlip. Slowly, unscrew the parts and take them out.

You can either replace only the Inertia Starter Motor or other parts as well. For this either replace one part or replace the complete drive.

While fitting the new Bendix Drive Assembly check the threads and splines for burrs. You can remove them using carborundum stone. Moreover, don’t use oil while reassembling.

On Pre-Engaged Starter Motor

First, remove the clutch assembly and drive pinion. You can replace them as a single unit without dismantling them. Then remove the acuting liver. The collar is there with a ring and engages the shaft on the starter motor. These collars are removed with pipe drafts.

You can remove this ring with a screwdriver. With this, the entire clutch assembly or pinion can be easily lifted. Now you can replace the Bendix drive assembly easily.

Make sure to reassemble the clutch, pinion, jump rings, and thrust collar. Using a small pullover or screwdriver you can reassemble and fit the part again.


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