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Best Horn for Car in Egypt 

Do you know the Best Horn for a car? If yes then, this blog of FARGO is perfect for you. We are discussing the best horn for car and their manufacturer company in Egypt. If you are looking for the best horn for a car then you must read this blog completely. 

A car horn is an important safety accessory. This is because they can alert other drivers of your presence. Horns also protect other drivers, like pedestrians, from danger.

Car horns are available in many different designs. 

Some have a very high sound. Others are not as loud. They can also be very clear and clean. Whether you choose a musical horn or one that simply plays a familiar song, a horn can be an enjoyable addition to your vehicle.

But we will be focusing on Best Horn for cars in Egypt and their manufacturing companies. 

Does Global Market have Best Horn for Car?

Yes, the global market has the best horn for cars in terms of both quality and performance. 

Among the best horns currently in the market is the HELLA Black 77mm disc horn. This horn is highly durable and provides a great price-performance ratio. The horn’s diaphragms are aerodynamically shaped and come with a flat chrome cover. 

You will get it on our website FARGO

Another type of car horn that is popular is the Vocado digital tones type. 

It offers 18 different sounds. These range from 410 Hz to 510 Hz. If you are going on a long trip, this horn is the perfect accessory.

One of the best horns for cars on the market is the PIAA 85115 Bass Horn. Do you know? PIAA this horn model can reach a maximum volume of 112 decibels. Not only does this horn offer a powerful output, but it is also easy to install.

Types of Horns for Cars

Today, there are different types of horns used in vehicles. 

  • A common type of horn for a car is the wind tone horn. This horn produces the sound from a flexible diaphragm, which is attached to a strong electromagnet.
  • Another type of horn is the spiral horn. It employs a spiral duct and produces a richer sound.
  • There are also bulb horns and air horns. These are used for trucks and buses and are pumped by pressing a rubber bulb.
  • There are also dual-toned horns. This type of horn is twice as powerful as the single-toned model. 

Those who are looking for a powerful horn for their car must go with air horns. 

Companies Providing Best Horn for Cars in Egypt

Below we have listed some companies providing the best horn for cars in Egypt: 


Whenever we talk about auto-electrical parts, UNO MINDA comes with its top-notch products in the market. That’s why on FARGO, a variety of products are listed by them. 

In the category of vehicle horns, UNO MINDA provides electrical horns in Dis and Trumpet shapes. 

Mobis Auto Parts Company 

Mobis Auto Parts Company is a fine horn manufacturing and exporting company in Egypt. They include a vast variety of auto-electric parts including the best horn for cars. You will get wind tone horn on their website. 

Modern Motors 

In the modern automobile industry of Egypt, Modern Motors is an auto-parts supplier brand dealing with a large number of customers. They have their offline store as well. 

Check out their easy-to-fix horns for vehicles in Egypt. 

Hashem Import Export 

For those who are looking for the best importer as well exporter of auto parts in Egypt, Checkout Hasheem Import Export. They are known for providing the best in-budget horns for vehicles in the global market. 

You will get other auto parts as well. 

Elzeer Company 

A very popular buyer and supplier of auto parts in Egypt, Elzzer Company has the best horn for cars for you. They have their online website as well as an offline store at Elgomhoria Street Belqas Dakahlia. 

They provide bulb horns and duel-toned horns. 

Vinus Import Export Company 

The global market for auto parts is raising in Egypt, here, Vinus company shares high profit by providing high-quality auto parts. They sell their quality products like different types of horns, in the global market. 

Vinus Company shares a high-profit margin. 


If you are looking for powerful air horns for your vehicle then Glotec is the company for you. 

Glotec provides powerful horns at an affordable price, which makes them a demanding brand. They also provide after-service to their customers. 

Master Trading Company 

Master Trading Company is an established company that provides spare parts for vehicles. They have the best horn for cars you will get in Egypt. From air horns to bulb horns, they provide top-notch products from OEMs. 


Known for its automobile spare parts and gadgets, SELIM has an offline retail shop for auto parts. We have included them because of their budget-friendly horns, which they provide in the Egyptian market. 

At a very affordable price, you can change or fix your vehicle horn. 

KAMEI Autoelectrik

Not only in Egypt, KAMEI Autoelectrick has an established brand name in the global automobile market. When it comes to the best horn for cars in Egypt, our list is incomplete without including Kamei autoelectrik air pressure horns. 

As we have discussed earlier, these types of horns are the most powerful horns, KAMEI autolectrick builds them with more efficiency and power.

On FARGO you will get horns for cars from Kamei autoelectrik and UNOMINDA! 


This was our review of the Best Horn for Car in Egypt. 

In the 1980s, a number of foreign companies entered the Egyptian automobile market. Since then, the auto-electrical market in Egypt provided high-quality best horns for cars. So, if you are looking for a horn to get installed in your car then choose from the above-listed brands. 

Also, check out horns and other auto-electrical parts in India, only on FARGO

We hope our guide on the best horn for cars in Egypt helped you. Share your views in the comment section. 

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