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Auto Electrical Spare Parts Wholesaler in Bangladesh

Auto Electrical Spare Parts Wholesaler in Bangladesh

Do you know the Auto Electrical Spare Parts Wholesaler in Bangladesh is growing? Compared to India, and Auto Electrical Parts in Nepal…Bangladesh market also holds established brands. 

Bangladesh’s automobile sector has grown with the economy. Local firms are leading the charge, and partnerships with foreign firms are dubious at best. 

In Bangladesh, the light engineering sector manufactures some auto parts, but the quantity is not high. According to Mushfiqur Rahman, manager of Auto Zone Bangladesh, 80% of the auto spare parts produced are for Toyota cars, while the rest are for other brands of cars. 

With this, we will be discussing auto-electrical spare parts wholesalers in Bangladesh. So, if you are looking for auto-electrical parts in Bangladesh then read this post completely. 

Top Auto spare Parts in Bangladesh 

Zebun Marine Link

The Zebun Marine Link since its foundation in 1990 has spread its market worldwide. 

They deal in marine spare parts and supply long-lasting parts resistant to wear and tear at an affordable price.It supplies comprehensive and quality-consistent products.

PHP Group 

PHP group was the first private sector company to build an assembly plant in Bangladesh and currently assembles Malaysia’s PROTON-branded cars. Another large assembly plant is being built in Gazipur by Fair Technologies Limited.

Hajee Automobiles

Hajee Automobiles is a well-known company in its field of manufacturing spare parts for vehicles. It is headquartered in Chattagrom, Bangladesh.

Hajee Automobiles provides a wide range of genuine products at a reasonable cost. 

S Traders Marine

S Traders Marine is another major distributor of spare parts in Bangladesh.

They supply parts ranging from hydraulic motors, crankshafts, and generators to various types of pumps and engines. They distribute their services and products from their main office in Chittagong. 

Ayat Enterprises

Ayat Enterprise distributes products through its stores in Chittagong, Bangladesh. They provide well-made auto spare parts. They also deal in other vehicle accessories such as motorcycle helmets, Engine oil, and decorative parts. 

Their outstanding service has made them well-reputed.

Ayesha Tractor Parts

The Ayesha Tractor Parts situated at Sylhet in Bangladesh has made its place among major companies in its field. They deal mainly in tractor parts.

Biswas Accessories

Their great reviews by their customers is a proof of the excellent service and high-quality products they supply from their store located in Dhaka. They distribute a wide range of products at a reasonable price. 

They have also spread their business to servicing vehicles.

Motorsports BD

Motorsports BD is located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They provide an extensive range of items and hard-to-find auto parts. They are committed to supplying the best spare parts and an affordable cost to its customers. Their excellent and faultless workmanship can do anything from engine conversions to full restoration.

Folders Auto Part Ltd.

Folder Auto part limited is located in Dhaka in Bangladesh.  The folder is a well-reputed company that provides both offline and online services with affordable shipping prices. The mainly deals in Engine air elements, air intake systems, air filters, coolants, oil filters, and many other products.

Speed Auto Accessories 

Speed Auto accessories is a major importer and distributor of Car parts and accessories.  It deals in GPS, MP3, Bluetooth, DVD systems, Subwoofers, Anti-theft systems, Rear view cameras, etc.


It is one of the leading auto spare stores in Dhaka in Bangladesh.  They import high-standard products at reasonable prices. They have a wide range of genuine products that attract customers to purchase. 

FARGO and Kamei autoelectrik 

When it comes to auto-electric parts in Delhi, FARGO stands in the topmost position. With this guide, we are sharing auto parts in Bangladesh but if you are a customer in India then check out the product list on this Website

You will get thousands of high-quality auto products from different brands and OEMs. 

Another brand leading the automobile industry in Delhi is Kamei autoelectrik. They have already established their customers in the market and share the great profit of the industry. 

Well, FARGO has listed auto parts like Starter Motors, Alternator Assembly, Meters, Gauges, Auto Switches, Relays, Flashers, Sintered Bushes, and many more from Kamei autoelectrik. Check out our product list or click on ENQUIRE NOW to know more. 

Spare Parts Market in Bangladesh 

Let’s understand the spare parts market in Bangladesh quickly!

To succeed in the auto parts industry, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the parts and to narrow down the range of products. The country’s automobile industry is a fast-growing one. 

By 2025, the number of new personal vehicles will double and 60% of the market will be covered by brand-new vehicles. As a result, many companies have set up assembly plants in Bangladesh. 

The automotive spare parts market in Bangladesh is relatively unorganized. Most importers source new and reconditioned auto parts from Thailand, Indonesia, China, Dubai, and India. 

Despite this, almost 200 auto spare parts traders are operating in the country. Some of these traders specialize in the auto component business, while others are involved in automotive spare parts import.

Growth of the Automobile Industry in Bangladesh 

The growth of the automobile industry in Bangladesh has been fueled by the rising purchasing power of the Bangladeshi middle class. The country’s annual automobile market is projected to grow by 5.43% CAGR over the next five years. 

More Bangladeshi consumers will be able to afford cars and this will put a greater strain on the country’s infrastructure.  As a result, the government is investing heavily in developing roads and building large bridges. The Bangladeshi automobile industry has seen steady growth, as more people drive SUVs and MPVs. The market for sedans has stagnated or even declined in recent years.  Government policy is aimed at promoting local automobile manufacturing. 


This was FARGO’S guide on Auto Spare Parts Wholesalers in Bangladesh. Hope that this information will be helpful to you. If yes then make sure to share your views in the comment section. In conclusion, check out FARGO for auto-electrical parts in India.

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