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We’re not the first or biggest company in this sector but we’re the best company in this sector; we are providing auto electrical parts at a competitive price for the last 50+ years and still, we are in this market.

Established in 1967, by Mr Hariom Goyal in a humble set-up, Fargo Auto Electricals is now the leader among the Largest Distribution Houses in India in the field of Auto Electrical Parts. Fargo Auto Electricals leapt forward during the last 54 years and now under the guidance of his son Mr Deepak Goyal, we distribute & sell more than 25 OEM and leading Indian Brands including Lucas, Valeo, Bosch, Minda, Jay, Peco, Interface, Vegas, GS-Ascot, Anupam, Inensy, Varroc, Pavna, Kamei Autoelectrik, Osram, Phoenix, Littlefuse, Veethree etc.

We have a solid Product Portfolio of more than 12,000 Auto-Electrical Parts of Different Qualities to provide food in different sections of the market and satisfy the needs of our purchasers and clients. We are completely dedicated to the reason for our purchasers and customers situated all through the World. Our item range incorporates Starter Motors and Spares, Alternator Assemblies and Spares, Combination Switches, Bendix Drives, Armatures, Field Coils, Coach Fans, Air Pressure Horns, Headlight Bulbs and Holders, Fuses and Fuse Boxes, Auto Wires and Cables, Meters and Gauges, Auto Switches of All Type including however not restricted to Cut-off Switches, Ignition Switches, Toggle Switches, Push-Pull Switches and so on.

To be the biggest and the most believed circulation house in the field of Auto Electrical Parts and build up our quality in Auto Electrical Parts worldwide by achieving the unchallenged faithfulness and confidence of our Business Partners and Customers.

To accomplish development through greatness in building up and keeping up with long haul associations with our Customers through the making of best worth lattice for their goal by understanding their requests, offering the right items at the right cost and convenient conveyance.

We trust that “BEST QUALITY” is the one that is requested over and over by the clients and consistently followed through on schedule. We offer items that have the best quality in their value portion and make the most prominent incentive for cash for our clients and do everything necessary for Timely Delivery to our clients.

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Our Products


We sell a wide range of Starter motors & Their Parts that are high precision. We offer Starter Motors from OEMs like Valeo, Lucas, Bosch, Minda as well as from Indian brands like Kamei Autoelectrik that offers the best value for money. We also offer a whole range of spares used in Starter Motors like Armatures, Solenoid Switches from OEMs like Inensy, Varroc, Minda and other Indian Brands.


Our range of Alternator Assemblies includes products from OEMs as well as products from Indian MSME companies that offer high quality at very reasonable prices. We also offer a complete range of parts used in Alternators like Rectifier plates, End plates, Pulleys that are used by OEMs to manufacture their products at a fraction of the cost.


We offer a comprehensive solution for the Meters & Gauges used in the Automobiles Industry. We offer Fuel Meters, Hour Meters, Cluster Meters, Oil Pressures Gauges, Temperature Gauges from Veethree (among the world’s leading manufacturers) as well as products sourced from other Indian companies that offer high precision products.


We offer a wide variety of horns. We offer the best quality Air Pressure Horns made in India by Kamei Autoelectrik, as well as Vibrating Horns with copper coils and very high-quality magnets that generate Loudest & Melodist Sounds on use. We also offer products from other Indian manufacturers like Minda, Varroc etc.


We offer a complete range of Coach Fans suitable for Cars, Trucks, Buses and Tractors made by Kamei Autoelectrik that are among the market leaders available in both 12V & 24V. Coach Fans offered by us are having high-quality heavy-duty copper motors that are build to last ages when used optimally and high precision blades to ensure maximum Airflow.


Auto wires offered by us are made from full gauge pure copper wires and fire-resistant, highly flexible PVC to ensure maximum flow of current, minimum loss in transmission, prevent heating of electrical parts, the safety of passengers and ensure long life of the automobiles. We also offer Auto Cables from Veethree and Minda that have proper connectivity, long life and accuracy.


We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality products sourced from OEM as well as other Smaller Companies to offer solutions for passenger and Loading 3-Wheelers from Bajaj, Piaggio APE, Mahindra, Force Motors, Vikram, Atul and other Indian Companies running on different energy sources like Diesel, Petrol, CNG and Electricity.


We have a very large range of switches used in automobiles including but not limited to combination switches from the Industry Leaders like Anupam & Peco to Head Light, Horn & Ignition Switches from Minda, Jay and Kamei Autoelectrik that offer solutions for all the segments of the market.


We have a very long list of Relays and Flashers (with and without Wiring & Couplers) to offer that are directly sourced from leading companies like Vegas, Interface, Inensy and Kamei Autoelectrik for the vehicles of various makes like Maruti, Tata, Toyota, Escorts, Mahindra etc. and serve premium as well economy segments of the market.


We have a very wide range of solutions in this category that ensure durability, proper connectivity and current flow to ensure in turn, longer life of electrical components in automobiles and help to connect various devices without damaging the wiring harness of the vehicles.


We have authorized Channel Partners of the Industry big-shot Littlefuse and offer complete solutions in their portfolio. We also offer high precision fuses and fuse boxes that ensure the proper flow of current and protection made by Indian MSME companies to meet the demands of the price-conscious buyers.


We offer over 100 models of Fog-lamps, Roof-lights, Murgan lights that help increase the vision of the drivers and ensure the safety of the Vehicles and help our consumers reach their destination on time. Our products range offers a wide variety that offers White & Yellow Light as required generated by LED bulbs & Halogens.


We offer over 100 models of Fog-lamps, Roof-lights, Murgan lights that help increase the vision of the drivers and ensure the safety of the Vehicles and help our consumers reach their destination on time. Our products range offers a wide variety that offers White & Yellow Light as required generated by LED bulbs & Halogens.


We have Sintered bushes made from Pure Brass manufactured by MSP Bushes and Kamei Autoelectrik that are high precision, proper thickness and accurate fitting to ensure long life and trouble-free operations.


We have most of the Auto Electric Components used in Three Wheelers, Cars, Mini Trucks, Tractors, Buses, Trucks and Earthmovers that are very high in quality and available at very competitive prices.

In Auto-Electricals we proudly say, “YOU NAME IT, WE HAVE IT”

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