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Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands in India

Do you know about Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands in India, if yes then this article on FARGO, will help you with this? Here with another guide, we will be discussing vehicle parts distribution brands. 

As we know, vehicle ownership in India is increasing and driving demand for auto components is also raised in the country. The industry has seen a strong rise in Rupee turnover over the last decade, with turnover increasing three-fold in Rupee terms. 

Moreover, there is a growing trend of distributor consolidation. 

The auto-components sector is also a key contributor to the nation’s GDP. The industry provides employment to over 1.5 million people and is the second-largest supplier of automobile parts in the country.

And there are various vehicle parts distribution brands in India. So, in this guide, we will be discussing some of the vehicle parts distribution brands. Thus read this post completely on FARGO. 

Automobile Distributing Industry in India

Opportunities for B2B companies have been raised. 

The auto ancillary market is segmented into organized and unorganized sectors. The organized sector is known as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers). And the unorganized sector holds low-value tools and vehicle parts for customers. 

Among the two, organized brands or OEMs are sharing more profit than others. You can check the best auto-electrical parts on FARGO. It is one of the leading Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands in India. 

The wide range of vehicle parts distribution brands in India allows customers can choose from a wide range of products and services in India. 

The auto-components industry in India is positioned to see growth in the next few years, as the sector continues to develop its supply chain and expand its leadership position.

Currently, the automobile industry manufactures almost 20 million vehicles per year. While following this, more and more vehicle parts are manufactured every year. To maximize the growth potential of the automotive industry, the government set up India’s Automotive Mission Plan.

There are also Special Economic Zones for Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands. 

Top Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands

With the growth in exports, the automobile industry also witnessed a healthy performance in the aftermarket. This led to the expansion of many vehicle parts distribution brands in India. Currently, they provide products in both online and offline markets. Some of the best vehicle parts distribution brands in India are listed below:

Rane Holdings Ltd.

Rane Holding Ltd. was founded in 1929. They are engaged in the manufacture of automotive components. Rane Holdings Ltd is a leading OEM in the Indian auto-electrical parts market. 

They manufacture vehicle parts like brake linings, suspension, steering, occupant safety systems, steering systems, steering, center link assemblies, seat belts, friction material products, and valve train components. 

Rane Holding Ltd’s products are sold in over 30 countries worldwide. 

Sundaram Clayton Ltd.

Sundaram Clayton Ltd. was founded in 1962. This is an Indian OEM having specialization in the manufacture and distribution in the global automotive market. They operate through various business segments. 

They have specializations in product range including air driers, air braking systems, clutches, computer peripherals, cylinder heads for powered two-wheelers, suspension shock absorbers, and crankcases

Sundaram Clayton also provides Financial Services, Manufacturing, and Technology and Solutions to customers. 

Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd.

Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd. was founded in 1975. 

They are highly involved in the global auto component manufacturer business. You will get their products in both online and offline markets. This includes the automotive supply chain, including single window technology, injection molded parts, and assemblies and molds.

Varroc Engineering Ltd.

Varroc Engineering Ltd. was founded by Ashwani Maheshwari. 

They have established a wide range of products in the market in the auto-electrical manufacturing industry. The list of Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands in India without including Varroc Group! 

You can see products on their online website including engine valves, switches, seat assemblies, starter, and wiper motors, and clusters. If you are looking for components of passenger cars, motorcycles, trucks, and off-road vehicles then check FARGO. 

Minda Industries Ltd. 

Midna Industries Ltd. was founded in 1992. 

They are highly popular in the global automobile parts market and share high profits as well. Currently, they are leading in the Indian market with their batteries and switches for two and three-wheelers. They are one of the best Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands in India. 

Check Minda Industry products on FARGO. 

Vehicle Parts Distributor: FARGO 

FARGO Auto Electricals is located in the capital of the country, New Delhi, India. 

As per Google, we are one of the leading vehicle parts distribution brands in India. Also, we have one of the largest inventory lists in the country, and no surprise we have a name in the business. 

We have achieved award-winning auto electrical parts sales this year. Other brands are constantly trying to match this efficiency. However, FARGO has made this possible due to quality products and customer support services. 

Our auto-electrical product list includes:

  • Alternator Assembly
  • Meters & Gauges
  • Auto Wires & Cables
  • Starter Motors
  • Horns
  • 3 Wheeler Parts
  • Auto Switches
  • Holders & Couplers
  • Fuses & Fuse Boxes
  • Relays & Flashers
  • Fog Lamps & Head Lights
  • Sintered Bushes
  • Halogen & LED Bulbs

The Brands and OEMs we deal with include: 

  • Littelfuse 
  • Pavna
  • Kamei Autoelectrik
  • Veethree
  • Lucas
  • GS-Ascot
  • Anupam
  • Intensity
  • Peco
  • Interface
  • Varroc
  • Valeo
  • Bosch
  • Osram, Phoenix
  • Minda
  • Jay
  • Vegas

We use the latest technology and with a well-rounded staff, have the right solutions for our customers. From vehicle diagnostics and maintenance to new car sales and aftermarket parts and accessories, Fargo Auto Electricals provides everything in one place. 

All your vehicle needs are present here! 


If you are looking for auto-electrical parts from OEMs then contact us on this website. 

The listed Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands no doubt share high market profit in both national and international markets. And their manufactured products are reliable and durable. You can check their products on their listed online website. 

This was the guide of FARGO on Vehicle Parts Distribution Brands in India. 

We hope that you have found this useful. If yes then let us know in the comment section. Also, make sure to check out our product portfolio on our website. You will get quality auto-electrical parts in Delhi at a budget-friendly price! 

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