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Auto Electrical Spare Parts Distributor in Sudan

Do you know who is the best auto electrical spare parts distributor in Sudan? If yes, this guide on FARGO will help you to know about auto-electrical distributors and markets in Sudan. 

We know Sudan’s auto parts market is largely reliant on second-hand spare parts. 

Sudan has a limited amount of new car parts, and few people are able to afford them. Even government cars often need parts from auto repair garages. But Sudan is planning to expand this market soon worldwide.  

The country is also struggling with an embargo on imports from the United States, which has hampered Sudan’s development. In addition, the country has lost three-quarters of its oil production after South Sudan declared independence in July. 

This has left Sudan with few sources of hard currency, and the Sudanese pound is trading at 80 percent below its official rate. However, Currently, auto-electrical spare parts distributors in Sudan are growing with a high market share. 

In the future, we will be seeing more distributors from there. Till then read this post completely,

Auto-electrical Spare Parts Management in Sudan 

The auto-electrical spare parts distributors in Sudan are moving towards great management in their market. Private brands, OEMs as well as the government also took a step forward in this market. 

The government has also implemented new laws to make it easier to import auto parts.

They are encouraging FDIs into the automotive sector, and several domestic OEM manufacturers are planning to expand their production bases in the country. 

Several factors, including its geographical advantage and the government’s support, are making Sudan one of the region’s most promising automobile markets. 

Despite the government’s efforts to curb the illegal imports of auto parts, there are still several outlets that sell them at an affordable price. Other countries have also taken part in their market. 

Best Auto Spare Parts Distributor in Sudan.

The market is filled with Best Auto Spare Parts Distributor in Sudan. Sudan is one of the developing nations of North America. The automobile market has shown a boom in growth within the past few decades. 

Below we have listed some best auto-electric spare parts distributors in Sudan. Check them out and make sure to read more about auto parts on FARGO.

Basil Spare Parts.

Basil spare parts is a well-reputed company in Sudan that imports and distributes important accessories of vehicles and essentials such as springs, iron and steel cast, screws, bolts, nuts, rivets, washers, etc.  

Syscom engineering and multi

Syscom engineering and multi have a good hold on the market and are specialized in their field. They have earned their popularity through their outstanding performance in the market. 

They are one of the leading distributors of various auto spare products such as parts of motor vehicles and tractors etc.   


H.M.G is located in sudden and is a well-reputed company in its field. They are one of the well-known auto electrical spare parts distributors in Sudan.

It is one of the major distributors of Parts and accessories for motor vehicles, Shafts, gears, cranks, clutches, flywheels, pulleys, and Machinery parts.

Auto Tech For Import & Export 

Auto Tech For Import & Export is an excellent importer of auto spare parts located in Sudan.  

They supply high-quality Parts and accessories for motor vehicles, signal equipment, car electrics, and Parts for internal combustion spark ignition engines.


One of the popular companies located in Sudan is a genuine supplier of a wide range of auto spare parts at affordable prices. They have great collections of parts for internal combustion spark ignition engines, Parts of motor vehicles. 

Somic Development Co.Ltd

Somic Development Co. Ltd is a well-established company of Sudan and is a prime dealer of auto spare parts that deal with a wide range of auto spare parts of motor vehicles Gaskets, Regulators, Relays, and Flashers.

Minas Import And Export Company

When it comes Best Auto electrical spare parts distributor in Sudan, Minas Import And Export Company stands on the topmost position. They have well-established customers in the market. 

headquartered in Sudan. They have high professionalism in their field and are well positioned in the global importers market. They are influential distributors of auto spare motor vehicles.

Central Trading Company 

Central Trading company has been an important player in the market since its foundation. The quality of auto spare parts has always been consistent and their research and development department keeps the technology up to date. 

The Central Trading Company imports and exports auto spare parts and is a major contributor to the automobile industry of Sudan.

Supervision Trading Enterprise

Supervision Trading Enterprise is headquartered in Omdurman from where they distribute their excellent quality products and services. 

They specialize in distributing only the best-made parts such as vulcanized rubber, safety glasses, and compression-type engines. They are among the popular importers.

Expert Trading Enterprises 

Expert Trading Enterprises deals in the importation of auto spare parts for motor vehicles.  They 

provide supreme quality spare parts for vehicles. 

FARGO & Kamei autoelectrick: Indian Autoparts Distributors

Besides Sudan, if you are looking for auto-electrical parts in India then check out FARGO. You will get more than twelve thousand auto parts from brands like Kamei, Bosh, and others. 

Since decades we are providing a distribution service of auto parts in India. While taking the quality of product and customer satisfaction, we deliver a variety of products under an affordable budget. 

From Alternator Assembly and Stater Motors to Horns and LED Bulbs, you will get all two, three as well as four-wheeler parts at one place. And that is on FARGO!  


This was FARGO’S guide on Auto Spare Parts distributors in Sudan. I hope, you have found this relatable to what you were looking for to you. If yes, then make sure to share your views in the comment section. We regularly bring guides on auto parts and the automobile market.

In the conclusion, you have read about Sudan auto-parts distributors. Also, if you are from any region of India and looking for any auto-product then make sure to make a deal with us.

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