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Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Suppliers in India

Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Suppliers in India

The growth of Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Suppliers in India is at its peak. Today, new wholesalers and suppliers have captured the auto-electric parts market as well. The original equipment manufacturers share good market profit. 

After the purchase of a vehicle, we drive hundreds of kilometers. Soon some spare parts and auto-electrical parts were required to be changed. 

Changing or upgrading an auto spare part is an easy yet crucial step for your vehicle. 

A wrong step and you can disturb your driving and safety experience. So, choosing the right and reliable spare parts is very important. 

In India, there are many popular Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Suppliers. 

Most of them provide online services, and some of them are listed offline as well. So, in this post, I am going to list some best wholesale suppliers in India for spare parts.

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Best Auto-Parts Wholesalers in India 

The automobile market in India is way bigger than you think! There are thousands of brands and other OEMs in this field. They provide top-notch products at a reliable price. 

You can search for auto parts in India online. And you will find different online stores. 

Besides online sellers, the offline market is also full of established manufacturers. However, there is a lot of difference when you approach a manufacturer and a wholesaler. 

From a wholesaler, you can receive limited products at a lower price than the market. 

Also, approaching a wholesaler ultimately brings originality to the product. If you are looking for limited or one-two auto parts, then online wholesalers will be best for you. 

However, from where should you purchase auto-electric parts? 

Many popular online brands are offering valuable products at affordable prices. As you are reading this guide on FARGO, this website also provides a wide range of auto spare parts. 

Let’s discuss this and other popular wholesalers in India. 


With an experience of more than 50 years, FARGO is a top leading distributor of auto parts. In India, the brand has provided astonishing products to millions of customers. 

Their wide range of auto-spare parts is known for its best! 

FARGO has connected more than 25 OEMs to customers in our country. As per your demand, they provide most of the auto spare parts in one store. OEMs like BOSCH, MINDA, Phoenix, and others are included on this website. 

No doubt, FARGO is the best Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Supplier in India

If you need any auto-electrical parts, then FARGO will be best for you! They are very popular for their reasonable product price and authentic product quality. 

You can also expect a good service experience from them! 

So, make sure to check out this website! 

GoMechanic Spares 

When most of the business shifted online, GoMechanic found a good opportunity in the market. And with very limited investment, they started a business. Today, they have great market value and goodwill in this field. 

On their website, you can get everything related to a vehicle! 

From body parts, lighting, and tires to oil, engine parts, electrical parts, and other car accessories…GoMechanic offers thousands of products. 

High demanding four and two-wheelers parts are available on their online website! 

The product selection system is very easy. You can select auto spare parts by manufacturer, vehicle model, and variant. 

boodmo: Spare Parts Expert

Have you heard about boodmo? You must have heard about this brand! 

If you have ever searched for auto-spare parts in Delhi, then boodmo has been on the top list. They offer a wide range of aftermarket products to customers. Including two-wheelers and four-wheelers, all kinds of spare parts are available on their online store. 

Besides any auto-part purchase, you can also take genuine advice from their website. 

Currently, they are known for their brake and belt chain spare parts. You should also check out their engine parts. They include a hundred percent original products. Products from brands like DKMAX, elofic, and BOSCH are available here. 

For any query or purchase, you can check the boodmo: Spare Parts Expert online website! 

How to Select Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Suppliers in India?

Whether you are looking for a one-time purchase or wholesale deals, choosing the right and best wholesaler for spare parts is very important. 

There are a few basic points you need to check before making any deal. This includes: 

Know the wholesaler 

Before making any single bulk purchase, you should know your wholesaler. Knowing the wholesaler means knowing the brand, its products, market value, and authenticity. 

Avoid making any purchases with sellers you are not completely sure about! 

Authenticity of product/s 

When you are completely known to the wholesaler, make sure to have proper knowledge about the products. If you are purchasing one spare part, then check whether they are providing it from the original manufacturer or not. 

Or if you are ordering parts in bulk, then make sure to get proper bills. 

Compare price and quality. 

Once you get to the product, it’s your right to compare it.

You can compare similar products’ prices and quality to other wholesaler suppliers online. Also, check that you are getting the best product in the price range. Do not hesitate to move into another wholesaler’s deal. 

Guaranty and Warranty 

Getting a guaranty or warranty on auto-electrical parts is necessary. 

You are purchasing a product that will last for a long term. Vehicle products need to be durable, so in case the product fails…you must have a guarantee or warranty on it. 

Return policy 

A wholesaler must provide an easy return process. Check all the return policies before any purchase. 


This was my complete guide on Automobile Spare Parts Wholesale Suppliers in India. 

Soon Indian wholesalers will raise this market globally. The number of customers as well as suppliers for auto spare parts is very high in India. 

So, getting a single spare part becomes the easiest process! 

I hope you have found this guide useful. If yes, then share your views in the comment section. Also, check out auto parts on FARGO!

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