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Top 10 Automobile Spare Part Dealers in Sri Lanka

Do you know Automobile Spare Part Dealers in Sri Lanka? If yes then this article is about FARGO we will be discussing about them here. There is a number of distributors of automobile spare part in Sri Lanka so we will list some of them here. Read for more. 

The vehicle industry of Sri Lanka has also offered opportunities for potential exporters.

The Industry of Automobile Spare Parts in Sri Lank relies on the retail sector. There are three ways to purchase spare parts in Sri Lanka: i) visit several shops; ii) order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep; iii) buy them through online classifieds.

Among the fastest-growing automotive markets in the region, Sri Lanka’s automobile spare parts industry is supported by multiple factors. The sector is supported by a strong economy and household purchasing power. 

In this post, we will be looking more into automobile spare parts in Sri Lanka. We have also discussed other auto parts on our website. And you can also check the product portfolio here. 

The Industry of Automobile Spare Parts in Sri Lanka

There is a steady increase in demand for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. 

The automobile spare part in Sri Lanka consists of the motor vehicle retail sector and the after-sale service sector. The retail sector carries out a variety of services, including the supply of genuine OEM and after-market spare parts. 

The after-sale service sector deals with the repair, maintenance, and replacement of automobile components.

The industry of automobile spare parts in Sri Lanka brings international best practices to the local automotive industry. It has also raised concerns about the establishment of OEM facilities for spare parts.

The automobile spare part in Sri Lanka is a complex one. 

Many vehicle owners prefer to use after-market spare parts. They may not fit properly or have poor quality. But you can check these listed distributors for automobile spare parts in Sri Lanka and get quality auto-electrical parts. 

Distributors of Automobile Spare Parts in Sri Lanka 

With high rase or auto-electrical parts in Sri Lanka, the market has opened great opportunities for distributors. If you are from Sri Lanka and looking for some auto-electrical parts then you are at the right place. 

FARGO has listed op 10 Automobile Spare Part Dealers in Sri Lanka here. 

Some of the most reliable Dealers of automobile spare parts in Sri Lanka are mentioned below

Douglas & Sons

Douglas & Son located in Sri Sangaraja Mawatha Sri Lanka holds a strong grip on the aftermarket.  

Their extensive experience in manufacturing high-quality auto parts makes them the leading auto spare parts dealer in Sri Lanka as well as in other countries. They are specialized in  manufacturing Auto Parts, Tires, Batteries, Agricultural equipment, motorcycles, and 

Threewheel. No doubt they have the best automobile spare part in Sri Lanka. 

Anura Group of Companies 

Anura Group of Companies is well-reputed and the top distributor of auto spare parts situated in Sri Lanka. Their great experience helps them to cope with changing demands of customers. Customers appreciate their after-market services as well. 

They manufacture excellent quality auto spare parts and offer a great range of products such as service parts, engine parts, electrical parts, automotive tires, heavy trucks,s and machinery parts.

Lal Motors Pvt.Ltd

Lal Motor Pvt. Ltd had its head office at Sangaraja Mawatha, Colombo, Sri Lanka. 

Lal Motors comes among the most trusted dealers in terms of their manufacturing quality. Their innovative technologies help them to produce premium quality auto spare parts having durability and sturdy design. 

They offer a huge range of products such as seals, rings, engine parts and pumps, coupling, bearings, gaskets, and pistons.

Lexus Trading Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Lexus Trading Company is a major auto spare part dealer headquartered in Sri Jayawardenapura in  Sri Lanka. They manufacture its products with the finest precision and ensures that the products they produce are of high quality with innovative design. 

Keep reading to know more about distributors of automobile part dealers in Sri Lanka. 

Gasoline fuel systems, cooling systems, brakes, and batteries are some of the services Lexus Trading Company provides with full customer satisfaction. 

Semini Motor Pvt Ltd.

Semini Motor Pvt. Ltd holds the crown as the biggest and leading auto spare part dealer in Sri Lanka that provides a wide range of products such as engine products, electrical products, Breaks and clutch parts, and suspension parts. 

You will get similar products on FARGO, an auto-parts distributor in India. 

Their design and the fine quality material they use fascinate the customers to buy their products. 

Dilma Auto Trading Pvt. Ltd

Dima Auto Trading Pvt. Ltd. is Srilankan based company and comes under one of the trusted and reputed companies. They are known for their product quality in the market. 

They have well-established roots in the automotive sector and provide their customers with high-quality and well-designed OEM auto spare parts at a reasonable rate. 

Dima Auto Trading offers ignition wiring sets and other wiring sets for vehicles.

Overseas Automotive Pvt.Ltd

Overseas Automotive Pvt. Ltd is famous for its unique and fast service located in  Sri Sangaraja Mawatha, Sri Lanka. They have a wide collection of premium quality genuine spares and OEM brands.

They provide engine parts, suspension parts, electrical items, tiller parts, and rotavator parts.

Weerasinghe Auto Mart

Another Automobile Spare Part in Sri Lanka is Weerasinghe Auto Mart. They are known for modifying items for vehicles. So, if you wanted to modify or transport your vehicle, make sure to check out their online portfolio. 

Trade Promoters Ltd. 

Trade Promoters hold durable auto parts from OEMs in Sri Lanka. 

They have their offline dealing shop in Sudarshana Mawatha, selling engine spare parts. 

Ceylon International Traders

Our last dealer of automobile part dealers in Sri Lanka in this list is Ceylon International Traders. You will find their online website and linked and offline store at Gangodawila Nugegoda Colombo. 

Deal with them for transportation and export-import of auto-electrical parts as well. 


This was FARGOS’s review of Automobile Spare Dealers in Sri Lanka. We have listed the 10 Best Dealers in the market. No doubt there are also other dealers in the market but these were the best so far. You will get after-market services with quality products at a good price. 

However, for auto-electrical parts in Delhi check out the FARGO product portfolio on this website. 

If you have found this guide useful on Automobile Part Dealers in Sri Lanka, then let us know in the comment section. And make sure to make a deal with us on FARGO! 

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