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Types of Horns for Vehicles

Types of Horns for Vehicles

Do you know how many types of horns for vehicles in the market? You have clicked on the right article, as we are discussing it. With another guide on FARGO, we will be reading about horns for vehicles and their manufacturers in India. 

So, if you are looking for a guide on types of horns for vehicles then this article is for you. 

We know that the automobile industry is booming industry with an enormous demand worldwide. The Vehicle Horn market is segmented based on regions and product types. 

The report includes the competitive landscape and business enterprise profiling of the market. It also provides an analysis of the market’s drivers and challenges. 

In India, vehicle horn manufacturing is a booming industry. 

Demands for horns are unique from customers. So, we have listed a few types of horns in India. Check out the post and make sure to make a deal on FARGO. 

How Vehicle Horn Works

The vehicle Horn works by vibrating a thin metal diaphragm connected to a powerful electromagnet. 

This diaphragm moves toward the magnet and reaches its maximum movement when the horn is pressed. When the contact is closed or opened, the diaphragm returns to its original position and the circuit is complete or broken. 

When this happens, the diaphragm vibrates back and forth producing sound.

This can be very dangerous as it will fail to alert pedestrians or other drivers to your presence. An uneven horn may cause driving and communication failure on road. Horns are known as an important auto-electrical part while driving. 

Horns play a great role in communication with other drivers while driving on road.  

You can also purchase a replacement aftermarket horn for your vehicle.

The basic concept of how a car horn works is to produce a sound at a single frequency, typically between 340 and 440 Hz. The sound produced by the horn is loud and sharp and can be transmitted for a long period of time. 

Types of Horns on FARGO 

There are multiple types of horns that are utilized for different purposes in the developing and versatile automobile industry.

These horns have different structures and are suited for their own side of applications.

Pressure horns

These types of horns are installed in emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars or construction vehicles, and container trucks. These produce a shrill sound that can be used to alert other vehicles. 

This mechanism of pressure horns depends upon compressed air where the vibration of a diaphragm due to the output of compressed air produces sound waves.

Electric horns

In this variety, the sound is produced via an electric circuit.

The sound is generated due to the vibration of a diaphragm connected to a chamber with compressed air. The vibration which is bought about by a solenoid run on electricity causes the compressed air to leave through the horn resulting in the generation of sound.

Also, Electric horns last longer than other types of horns, which is a great advantage in terms of durability. 

Electric horns are commonly used in civilian vehicles.

Melody makers horns

Next, we will be discussing melody makers’ horns.

Horns have been refined to produce musical melodies rather than monotonous sounds. 

They have long and multiple tunes that can easily catch attention. Rhythmic sequential music is played in these kinds of horns. 

Reverse Horns

Reverse horns have a widespread application in the automobile industry since they have been effective in preventing many accidents. 

Due to the difficulty of sight behind the vehicle, while reversing, it could pose a huge danger hence for additional safety, vehicles are equipped with reverse horns.

They play a specific tune that can be used to alert vehicles or pedestrians behind the vehicles while the vehicle is in reverse gear. 

Brands Available for Horns on FARGO

The above-listed various kinds of vehicle horns are available on FARGO. These horns are from well-known brands in marketing. Including some of the Original Equipment Manufacturers. 

Brands like UNO MINDA, Kamei autoeleckrik, HELLA, and ROOTS have listed their horns on our website. Their products assure quality and we provide them at a budget-friendly price. We also include other auto-electrical parts from VARROC, MINDA, BOSCH, and others. 

Kamei Autoelectrik Horns

Kamei autoelectrik horns are one of the best auto accessories that you can buy for your car. 

These horns are highly effective in getting the attention of oncoming cars and pedestrians. 

You can also use these horns to warn rogue cars away from your vehicle. These horns are available in different intensity levels, and you can find the right one for your car at Industrybuying.

The company is also known for developing innovative technology and continuously upgrading its products.

ROOTS Industries Horns 

Roots Industries India Limited is a manufacturer of automotive horns and other auto parts. 

Their range of products includes electric horns, halogen bulbs, clutch plates, brake shoes, and reverse sensors. Roots is another popular horn manufacturer. 

The company’s horns are designed for a wide variety of vehicles. Its 835260 K90 (12V) HIGH Tone Horn is 108 dB, has a 90mm diameter, and uses 335/440 Hz.


UNO MINDA is one of the leading Tier 1 automotive suppliers in India, with a strong local production base and innovative technologies.  Its products include horns, turn signals, and car infotainment systems.

The UNO MINDA K90 horn is designed to provide a soft, soothing sound for a safe ride. 

It features a wave-type resonator and black powder coating. UNO MINDA announced that it had acquired 100% of Clarton Horn S.A.U., which manufactures UNO MINDA horns.


This was our guide on the Types of Vehicle Horns in the Indian Market, we have discussed the working and functioning of various types of horns. Brands for these products are also listed here. 

We hope you find this guide useful, also, check out other guides on auto parts in Delhi. 

Our reliable website FARGO is serving the auto-electrical parts industry for decades and provides durable and efficient horns from OEMs and well-founded manufacturers across India. 

Click on ENQUIRY NOW and get details and make sure to visit our website to buy the best products at affordable prices. 

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