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What is Solenoid Switch and How to Use it

What is Solenoid Switch and How to Use it?

You insert the key and start your car…within a few seconds, you go with a safe and eminence driving.

Your driving experience is formed from where initial auto-electrical parts. And you have to make sure that every individual component of your vehicle is working properly.

Among the key parts, Solenoid is a preliminary auto-part that is necessary for ignition startup.

If you are not sure about this component then let us help you!

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What is Solenoid Switch?

The solenoid Switch refers to an electrical switch used frequently where a high current circuit (starter motor) is bought in action with the help of a low current switch (solenoid switch). The switch turns a battery switch to connect with the motor of your vehicle.

Once you are on the ignition, the solenoid is the auto-part that connects the drive pinion of the stator.

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This part of the automobile is directly responsible for starting your vehicle. It is present between the engine and ignition module. They operate when they get both large and small electric current from the battery when it is turned on.

Solenoid gives the initial spark to the engine for working.

This auto-electrical part will be located on your vehicle depending upon the model. Check whether your solenoid is mounted aside from the starter motor or near the other component.

It is necessary to know the location and quality of your working solenoid.

How does Solenoid Switch work?

The working of this key auto-part starts after you turn on the ignition system. By doing this a small spark takes action and a small current is sent to the starter motor from the ignition. Then, the solenoid closes a pair of heavy metal contacts.

These contacts relay quite a large electrical current and bring it back to the starter motor.

Once the starter motor receives the current…it set the engine in motion!

There is a lever called a plunger operated by a solenoid, that forces the pinion into a meshed position. It gets locked with a ring gear then.

This complete process may sound complex but it happens within microseconds.

And to have a proper ignition system you have to make sure that your vehicle holds appropriate solenoids. Check other auto-electrical parts in Delhi.

Where Solenoid is used?

The use of solenoids is versatile and important as well. Auto-electrical parts in Delhi as well as in the Indian market have several categories for this product.

Solenoids are extremely useful!

This product is found everywhere in the automobile industry. However, I have already discussed the working of the solenoid so from there you can understand its use as well.

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What are Electric Solenoids?

The electric solenoids are found in the ignition system of automobiles where the starter solenoid acts as a relay by bringing metal contacts close to the circuit. When the car engine is activated, the electric solenoid receives a small current.

Closing the circuit between the car’s battery and stator motor, the electric solenoid pulls the contacts!

These solenoids require a constant flow of electricity for maintaining the circuit. However, the engine is self-powered so most of the timing solenoid remains inactive.

In general, there are five types of solenoids popular in auto-electrical parts in Delhi, Rotary solenoid, DC-DC frame solenoid, DC-DC solenoid, AC-laminated solenoid, and Liner solenoid.

Why do you need a new Solenoid?

As I mentioned, the solenoid is the key part that gives the initial spark to ignition. So, if your ignition system does not get the proper startup then you must need a new solenoid.

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Imagine you turn on the key but your vehicle’s engine does not get started…

This can be also done by directly interacting with the battery and starter motor but it comes with risk to your vehicle in long term. This also requires you to pop up the vehicle’s hood each time you wanted to drive.

In case you have a complex vehicle model…the process will become almost impossible for you!

For this, it is necessary to have a good working solenoid that gives the best performance on each startup.

Strength of Solenoid

Small solenoid comes with great strength and durability. The compressor has pressurized air and when you press the trigger it puffs that compressed air to drive a nail. Here the solenoid valve gets opened for a fraction of a second.

This allows the dose of that pressurized air to shoot the compressed air!

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To move the valves, does not require much power but if you have a comparatively large engine then you must be needed a significant solenoid. The numbers of coils and wires that pass current through them are the reason behind the power of solenoids.

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This was my review on solenoids. I have mentioned all the necessary aspects required for the breakdown of this auto-electrical component. Like every technical part…solenoid is important as well.

I hope you have found this review useful!

Let us know about your views on this auto-part and to get a new solenoid…visit our online store.

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