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Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts

Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts

Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts for Tata Motors, Piaggio Ape, Eicher, and Bajaj vehicles are available for you today. These well-known automobile manufacturers have captured most of the share in the market. You must be using a car from any one of these.

You have clicked on the right post. Because here, we will talk about a significant problem faced by every vehicle owner in India. Read this post thoroughly.

Do you use auto vehicles from Bajaj, Piaggio Ape, Eicher and Tata Motors? Well, sometimes we need to replace some auto parts in our vehicle.

While replacing auto parts, we know about the high prices of products from these companies. And to make purchases on a budget, we sometimes purchase unbranded or local parts. You may save some rupees by this, but it initially lowers your vehicle’s efficiency.

However, now you can check out the Pavna O.E.

This company covers their high-quality auto-electrical parts. They initially provide a wide range of products for the listed automobile brands in the market.

So, in this post, you will read a complete guide on Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts.

Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts

Starting in 1971, Pavna began to build its vision with small machines. Today, they have a wide automobile network in India. Including Gujrat, UP, MP, Delhi, Rajasthan, and others.

Later they started supplying fuel cocks and auto locks and became an O.E.

Today, they provide high-quality auto parts in India. They manufacture products for popular brands at a very budget-friendly price while keeping top-notch quality and efficiency.

They manufacture products for two, three, as well as for four-wheelers.

Here we will discuss their various products for Piaggio Ape, Tata Motors, Bajaj, and Eicher.

Auto-Electrical Parts from PAVNA O.E.

Below we have a list of various products from Pavana. These products are available for two, three as well as four-wheeler automobiles. Make sure to read about them.

Fuel Tank Caps

From where the Pavna OE started, they have various fuel tank caps for vehicles. Fuel tank caps need to be sustainable and durable. It comes into use whenever we fuel our vehicles.

You will get a number of fuel tank caps models for two-wheelers.

They also manufacture fuel tank caps for tractors and fuel tank caps for three-wheelers. There are a number of models for two-wheeler vehicles, including LCV as well.

Fuel Pumps and Cocks

Fuel pumps are present in your vehicle to transfer fuel from tank to carburettor.

Whereas fuel cocks are present between the carburettor and fuel tank. This auto part controls the unwanted fuel to stop flowing into the tank when the engine is off.

On Pavna O.E., you will be getting various fuel pumps and cocks for vehicles. There are manual, and auto fuel cocks available here. As well as two and four-stroke fuel pumps can be purchased. They are available at an affordable price.


A vehicle switch plays an important role in a powerful and effective start.

If you are looking for auto-switches, then check our models from Pavna. They have a wide range of auto-switches with quality and affordable prices.

Switches for two-wheelers three wheelers, USB mobile charger, Warning switches and headlamp switches for four-wheelers, and handlebar switches for three-wheelers are available.

Handle and Latches

Regarding smooth driving, handles and latches play a significant role. A quality handle, latches, and other handle parts make your ride safe. If you are facing any handling issue, you must change it. Checkout handles and latches on Pavna.

You can purchase handles for two-wheelers, four-wheelers, LVC 4-wheelers, and moulded handles. Various latches for the back, front, iron door, and rear latch.

Window regulator latches are also available here.

Engine and Casting Components

Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts for Bajaj, Piaggio Ape, Eicher and Tata Motors include Engine and Casting Components. If you drive a vehicle from these companies, you will get an engine and casting auto parts on Pavna.

You will get a throttle body, carburettor, and water pump for engine parts.

For casting components, brake and clutch lever with bracket is available for you. Now, you can purchase grab handles, coupling, cover the rear, step holder, and cover magneto.

Purchase now and get a discount on these items!

Automobile Accessories

Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts include automobile accessories for you.

There are various locks like helmet lock, wheel lock, footrest, disc brake lock, cable lock, and many more. These items are specifically designed for two-wheeler vehicles.

Other Automotive Electronic Products

There are other automotive electronic parts available here which are not listed yet. You must be looking for these products. So, have a look at them.

Models for ignition switch, handlebar switch, lever assembly, regulator rectifier, side stand sensor, magnet holder, termination unit, regulator rectifier unit, and steering ignition lock.

Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts for:

These were Pavna O.E. Auto-Electrical Parts for Bajaj, Piaggio Ape, Eicher and Tata Motors. These and many more established brands utilise their products.

Suppose you use two, three, or four-wheeler vehicles from Bajaj, Piaggio Ape, Eicher, or Tata Motor. Then you must check out Pavna auto parts. They will provide high-quality products similar to these brands at affordable prices.


I hope you have found Pavna O.E. a useful auto-electric parts provider!

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With complete customer satisfaction…we give a warranty on various products.

So, make sure to make a deal with us!

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