You are currently viewing How many types of self-starter motors are there?
How many types of self-starter motors are there?

How many types of self-starter motors are there?

How many types of Self-Starter Motors are there?

A very common question asked in the field of automobile and auto-electrical parts. A self-starting motor is a device that automatically starts your car when the ignition switch is turned on.

This device can start your car in two ways – it can use a magnet to turn the rotor, or it can run on its own power. In both cases, a battery must be present in order to work.

There are several types of self-starter motors.

Several of these types are designed for use in various applications. Some are more efficient than others, and some are more expensive than others.

Some are used for automotive applications, while others are made for smaller electric vehicles.
When used in an automobile, a self-starter works by providing DC to an armature and a solenoid.

These devices are designed to protect the motor from overloading and provide a safe starting.

Some types of self-starters feature built-in circuit breakers and overload protection to protect them from overheating. In this guide of FARGO, we will be reading more about self-starter motors. And how many types of self-starter motors are there?

Thus, make sure to read the post completely.

What is a Self-Starter Motor or Starter Motor?

Do you know that a Self-Starter Motor is a major component present inside an engine? This plays an important role while powering electrically in the combustion engine.

The first rotation is by a starter motor as an engine does not rotate on its own.

The starter motor initiates the engine to start the first rotation cycle. It rotates until the engine is able to completely rotate by its own power. Basically, there are five types of self-starting motors.

These types can be either mechanical or electronic. Whether you need a high-speed starter or a low-priced one, there is a self-starting motor to meet your needs. We can say that it is an electrical auto part responsible for the rotation of the combustion engine.

Thus, it also contains multiple parts and types.

Once the engine starts rotating with its combustion process, the starter motor gets disconnected. It is mounted on the engine’s gearbox and it meets the flywheel’s teeth. It consists of DC (Direct Current) as it is an auto-electrical part. Solenoid receives positive power from the battery only.

Working on Self-Starter Motor

Before reading about How many types of self-starter motors are there? You should read about the basic working of it. You will be able to differentiate between various types by this.

Basically, a Starter Motor has one function, which is the first and second rotation of the engine.

As soon as the ignition key is pressed, the transmission gets parked. To activate the solenoid, the battery voltage goes to the starter current circuit. The solenoid powers the starter motor and pushes the starter gear forward.

This is mounted on the engine crankshaft. When the motor spins, it turns the flywheel also.

There are four field windings attached from inside, all rotating parts are connected through carbon brushes. However, some starter motors have magnetic fields instead of field coils.

While in the self-starter motors it can be only powered when the vehicle is parked naturally. On the other hand, in manual motors, the clutch pedal needs to be depressed manually.

What types of self-starter motors are there?

Even starter motors can be different types, depending upon working and amateurs. However, when it is asked How many types of self-starter motors are there? Then most probably there are five types of starter motors. Inertial Starter Motors The best electrical starter motors consist of most of the features. The motor parts remain safe in this and it also makes sure it works great while cranking. These starter motors are the optimal choice as they start the engine fast and strongly.

Also, the torque capacity associated with the amount of weight is minimized!

Planetary Gear PLGR

Planetary Gear PLGR consists of permanent magnets. This works by transmitting the power between armatures (inner parts) and pinion. This holds more torque and armature spin.

The presence of planetary gear reduces the high current requirement. Inside the ring gear held stationary, there are three planetary carriers and at the end a sun gear as well. As the ring gear is held, planetary gears retain great gear reduction.

Direct Drive Starter Motor DD

Direct Drive Starter Motor DD are the oldest types of starter motors. They are very common in vehicles and if you have an old car they will have this type of starter.

This starter motor has various designs and working applications. However, its solenoid is an operated unit. The work discussed above in the post matches its working.

Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction PMGD

A self-starter motor with less weight, less heat generation, and is easy to construct is PMGD. Permanent Magnet Gear Reduction does not have field coils instead it has magnetic field assemblies.

The 12V Solenoid consists of three terminals. The brushes and commutator transfer direct current to the armature as there are no coil fields.

Off-Set Gear Reduction OSGR

Off-Set Gear Reduction works under low current and still generates high speed.

These types of self-starter motors are compact in size and very light in weight. That makes them easy to assemble and disassemble. However, these starter motors increase the cranking torque.

So, you will find Off-Set Gear Reduction Starter Motors commonly in four-wheelers.


This was the guide on How many types of self-starter motors are there? There is one more type of self-starter motor, known as Permanent Magnet Direct Drive PMDD. This is very similar to Directive Drive motors. But here, they have magnetic coils instead of field coils.

I hope you have found this guide useful and reliable for automobile parts in India.

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Thus make sure to check out how many types of self-starter motors are there ?

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