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PECO Auto Electrical Parts

Counted among the most oldest yet advance companies, PECO is a leading brand in the automobile-parts selling industry. The company shares a strong part of profit in this vast marketplace.

The PECO Company was started in the year 1985.

Currently this company is based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand and selling qualified auto-electrical parts to all over the globe. Started from retailing business, today this immense brand became a dominating brand in manufacturing and supplying industry of auto-parts industry.

They manufacture as well as supply their capable products in both national and international market.

On FARGO, we provide you direct shipped auto-electrical parts from PECO at very affordable price.

Today, the Progressive Automotives Private Limited is leaded by none another then Mr. Pranab Dutta. The CEO and leader of the company Mr. Dutta captured the marked at great share and provided satisfactory products to millions of customers in the field.

Trained team, qualified products, trusted leader, and brand value helped this company to stand on a top position.

Why to choose PECO?

The PECO Company has access to advance machines and latest technologies in their well-maintained organization. Their operations are leaded by skilled leaders and workers and performed under the high-tech expertise.

A good reason behind their successful products!

Their most selling products are Auto-Switches. The company provides a wide range of switches for automobiles. You know the good part? On FARGO, we give you access to select numbers of auto-switches from this brand and yes…at reasonable price.

We directly supply from the original manufacturer.

PECO is manufacturing different auto-switches at very great standard that assure satisfaction as well as safety of their customers.

The regular training is given to PECO team that helps them in deep market analysis, product design-creation, and understanding customer behavior. An efficient team leads to standardize output.

As per their statement there are more than hundred experienced employs under their organization.

PECO Auto-Switches

The Progressive Automotives Pvt. Ltd is known for its consistent auto-electrical switches.

With the help of this website you can explore a wide range of electrical switches of the PECO Company at low price. With the maintenance of product quality we also assure packaging, this means authentic product will be delivered in safest form.

The wide range of auto-switches from PECO includes Combination switches, Stop light switches, Battery cutoff switches, reverse light switches, piano switches, dipper switches, and many more.

Besides, these most modern products… the brand also deals in variety of fuse boxes, flashers, horns, relays, and connecters as well.

However, for what PECO is known is durable Auto-Switches.

You can check a wide range of auto-switches from PECO on FARGO!

Combined Switches

With the mechanical life of ten years, we are offering Combined Auto-Switches from PECO.

Though years, these switches are fulfilling the high customer requirement from all over the nation. The combined switches come at 16A maximum current and 250VAC maximum voltage capacity.

Purchase this product now and get warranty starting from one year!

Battery Cut Off Switches

On FARGO we are offering a wide range of Battery Cut Off Switches from PECO having more than fifty thousand cycle life. These switches have great transportation as well as domestic standards.

These products hold features such as 2000AMPS maximum current, 12V to 36V voltage, -40oC to 80oC temperature, and on-off functioning.

Click on the link to purchase and enjoy up to two year warranty period!

Stop Light Switches

PECO has a brand value in the market, as well FARGO…with the help of both you can purchase a new stop light switch at very affordable price. We offer you a verity of models in this category.

Having weight less than 150g…these effective light switches can work at 200V easily!

If you make a deal on FARGO now…you will get a great warranty on this product!

Hazard Switches

Another demanding product in the market by leading manufacturer, Hazard Switches are present in your vehicle to turn on the way of flashers to either warn other drivers that vehicle is in the way of traffic due to spare stop.     

With minimum two year warranty, FARGO is offering you various PECO Hazard Switches models at effective price. We recommend purchasing in bulk for a great discount.

This category includes push-pull, ergo-pack, and other models.

Piano Key Switches

At very reasonable price, FARGO is providing different models of Piano Key Switches from the brand non-other than PECO. The working life of these switches is between 40,000 to 50,000 cycles and voltage capacity 12V, 24V, and 36V respectively.

Different models are there for your vehicle having warranty period between 1 to 2 years!

Click on the link for direct purchase…

Ignition Starter Switches

A major switch present in your vehicle is for starting the ignition. If you are facing problems related to uneven vehicle starting then it’s time to replace your old ignition starter with a new model of PECO.

On FARGO we have ignition starter switches working at 12 to 24 voltages.

You can purchase the PECO model for this switch and have one year of warranty period.

Reverse Light Switches

Maintaining the maximum customer satisfaction, FARGO is providing numbers of Reverse Light Switches for your vehicle by the known-manufacture PECO. They built light weight switches with durability.

With the lifespan of more than fifty thousand cycles…these q standardized reverse light switches assures good performance and control of reverse lights.

The reverse lights are important as the front ones!

Further products

In addition to auto switches, you can also buy relay connecters, musical flashers, radiator fan relays, fuse boxes, main line switches, reverse horns, and many more in this brand.

The PECO Company has experience of more than 35 years. Since 1985, they are achieving great customer feedbacks in the market. It is with FARGO as well, we are providing you amazing experiences of auto-part purchase.

With the wide range of products on FARGO you can make your vehicle better at performance as well as at looks. Get the advance auto-parts at affordable price.

So, if you are looking for PECO Auto-Switches then make sure to buy it from FAGRO…it will be beneficial for both, your car and budget!

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