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Auto Electrical Parts in Nepal

Auto Electrical Parts in Nepal

You will get many Auto Electrical Parts in Nepal.

With the introduction of electric vehicles, many car companies have jumped on the Nepali bandwagon. In October of 2013, Fujian New Longma signed an agreement to sell 100 electric micro-vans and micro-trucks in Nepal.

The development of electric vehicle manufacturing in Nepal is now encouraged by the government of Nepal as well.

They provide accurate and reliable import data from over 20,000 ports in more than 70 countries. It helps importers and exporters to expand their global trade and improve their supply chains.

Today, with the help of this guide on FARGO you will be reading about auto electrical parts in Nepal. We have already shared various guides on auto electrical parts and machines.

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Auto Electrical Parts Manufacturers in Nepal

Do you know that Nepalis also allow them to find new buyers and economical vendors?

The Nepal government recently announced that it will start fresh negotiations with Motrex Co Ltd, a South Korean automaker that had proposed building a plant in the country.

They originally intended to manufacture petrol-powered light vehicles in Nepal.

Montreux is planning to begin the assembly of EVs in the eighth year of production.

Currently, Nepal relies on imported vehicles to provide transportation services. Having its own assembly plant would improve the local manufacturing industry. In addition to automotive parts, Motrex also sells remote-control devices, navigation systems, and audio components.

They are supplying auto electrical parts in several countries including Vietnam, Russia, the United States, and Mexico.

All these positive approaches from Nepal towards auto electrical parts made Nepalis manufacturers to grow. Today, thousands of Auto electrical parts manufacturers are supplying their products in India.

We have shared some local as well as national auto electrical parts in Nepal here.


Best Auto-Electrical Parts In Nepal

The best auto-electrical parts manufacturers in Nepal are as follows:

Afreen Automobile

With a 5.0 star online rating, Afreen Automobile is located in Durugam Road Kalakurichi, Nepal. They are operating as automobile parts dealers as well as providing garage facilities.

Afreen Automobile is a verified dealer in the market.

Neethi Auto Mobile

Located in Sleem main road, Kalakurichi, Nepal, Neethi Auto Mobile is an automobile manufacturer and supplier in their market. They have quality products with a warranty.

Check out their store, available online. They also have a 5.0-star rating.

Thirumal Automobile

Another automobile manufacturer and dealer in Nepal, Thirumal Automobile is located in Durugam Road. They have a strong hold on their offline business compared to online.

So, if you are in Kalakurichi, Nepal then makes sure to visit for automobile parts.

Buddha Auto Electrical Parts

Working as a car repairing garage as well as an auto-electrical parts supplier Buddha Auto Electrical Parts is located in Gorkha, Nepal. You will find their location near Province 4.

Besides auto parts, you can repair or service your car completely at their place.

They offer two-wheeler to three-wheeler car repair as well as a washing facility. Currently, they are operating both online and offline stores in the market.

Jothi Automobiles

One of the popular auto electrical parts manufacturers in Nepal, Jothi Automobiles are supplying tons of products manufactured in their factory. They have their online store available on the internet, as well as operating an offline store in Kakalurichi Complex.

Shri Chakra Agency

For authentic and premium products of Mahindra, check out Shri Chakra Agency in Nepal. They supply various products in the country. Get bulk products from this agency at a low price.

Nepal Auto Electric Centre

Nepal Auto Electric Centre is located in BarghachiBiratnagar, Nepal. They are operating their offline store in the local market but providing their products in domestic areas.

Whether you are looking for spare parts of vehicles or new equipment in your car, you will get them all at Nepal Auto Electric Centre. They offer an exclusive warranty on their products as well.

Arcot Automobiles

Located at Thachut, Nepal, Arcot Automobiles has recently started their auto-parts business. Within a few months, they established a strong marketplace there. However, Arcot Automobiles have not started their online store, yet you will find their location in various sites.

FARGO: Auto Electrical Parts in Nepal

With over 55 years of market experience, FARGO supplies auto parts in 6 Countries. We provide thousands of auto-electrical parts for two, three, as well as for four-wheeler vehicles.

More than twelve thousand auto parts are listed on our product list.

As a vehicle runs on various parts, its proper functioning is required for secure driving. Some of the highly demanding products from customers listed on our website are:

  • Alternator Assembly
  • Alternator Assembly Parts
  • Starter Motor
  • Starter Motor Parts
  • Horns
  • Meters
  • Gauges
  • Auto Switches
  • Wires and Cabels
  • Coach Fans
  • Holders
  • Couplers
  • Fuses and Fuse Box
  • Head Lights
  • Fog Lamps
  • Relays and Flashers
  • Halogen
  • LED Bulbs
  • Sintered Bushes
  • Many more products


Whether it is about small fuses or powerful starter motors, FARGO provides all these products from OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

The OEMs and Distributive Brands, FARGO deals with are as follows:

  • Kamei autoelectrik 
  • BOSH
  • Veethree
  • PECO
  • Wesco
  • Valeo
  • interface
  • pavna
  • Kamei autoelectrik PLUS
  • JAY
  • Littlefuse
  • varroc
  • anupam
  • Lucas-TVS Limited


This was our guide on Auto Electrical Parts in Nepal. We hope you find this guide useful and the information related to the topic accurate. Check out other guides in the BLOG section as well!

Manufacturers and suppliers of auto parts in India are growing rapidly. While providing quality products in both online and offline markets, today it is one of the biggest industries.

Similarly, this market has a wide scope in Nepal as well.

Within the next decade, we will see Nepal as one of the leading auto parts manufacturers in the world. Their market is developing and showing great response with profit.

However, if you are looking for the best vehicle parts in India, then make sure to check out FARGO. You will get tons of exclusive products at a budget-friendly price.


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