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Auto Electrical Parts for Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika Tractors are one of the best tractors currently manufactured in this market. The demand for their tractors is high. And the demand for auto electrical parts for sonalika tractors is also increasing.

Their sales line for tractors is ‘Tractor Asia Sone Jaisa’. This line defines the premium and durable build quality of their tractors. They also release schemes and offers where they also give opportunities to win real gold.

This post is a guide for Sonalika Tractors and its auto-electrical parts!

You will read about the best tractor models from the Sonalika company and their original automobile parts. Also, you will be guided to safe and budget-friendly purchases of parts.

So, read the post completely!

Sonalika International Group

In the Indian market, Sonalika International Group has the number one heavy duty tractor. They started a revolution in agri mechanisation and powered agricultural life. Currently, they are the country’s number one exporting tractor brand.

All the farmer’s needs in the agricultural sector are fulfilled by Sonalika, by their innovations.

They provide premium and durable tractors in a budget-friendly range.

Not only tractors, they also provide other facilities. Commonly, agro solutions, agri incubation, CSR initiatives, farm to fork, AFL finance, and many more. Today, they have presence in more than 130 countries. And became India’s leading tractor manufacturer.

Their heavy-duty products also became India’s number one exporter!

You can purchase the auto electrical parts for sonalika tractors from both online and offline stores.

By providing great agricultural technology to farmers, Sonalika has helped more than 11 lakhs farmers from all over the world.

Sonalika Tractors Auto Electrical Parts

There are some highly demanding auto parts for Sonalika Tractors. Some of them are listed in this post below.

Original Filters

Various sonalika tractors have different kinds of filters. This includes oil filters, diesel filters, and others. Air filter is also available for some models.

While changing any kind of filter make sure to buy an original one. You should always go with an original manufacturer.

Original Engine Parts

There are many crucial electric parts in the engine of a tractor.

Different types of starter motor including solenoid switch, field coils, rocker plates, brush, switch caps, and others.

Other alternator assembly parts like starter, rotator, regulators, and repair kits.

Original Clutch and Piston Parts

Replace the old and overused clutch and piston with new ones.

Also, get self piston and clutch kits for ease. These auto electrical parts for sonalika tractors are available for demanding models. Under these models, you will also get to know different kinds of auto switches.

Ignition switch, combustion switch, lights switch, oil pressure switch, push-pull switch, and others must be tested. And replace it if needed.

Original Gears and Bearings

The more you know about gears and bearings, the more you understand their importance. Smooth and proper sized gears and bearings must be in the vehicle.

I will recommend purchasing some gear and bearing boxes. You will read more about online purchase in a while. I will list a website from where you can get auto-parts at affordable cost.

Original Fog Lamps and Headlights

Headlights are very common in all vehicles. However, headlights and fog lamps in Sonalika tractors are built for heavy duty use. You must prefer original products for this.

For headlights and fog lamps purchase you should go to online stores.

There you will get more than a hundred models for lights. Check whether your tractor model includes LED bulbs or halogens. Sonalika tractors have powerful headlights.

Other Miscellaneous Parts

These were the key and most demanded auto electrical parts for sonalika tractors.

Besides them, there are other miscellaneous parts. This includes LED bulbs, Halogen bulbs, Sintered bushes, Holders, Couplers, Relays, Flashers, Wires, Horns, Gauges, Metres, and others.

These auto-parts are included in most of the Sonalika Tractors.

Latest product launch by Sonalika

Tractor manufacturer Sonalika has recently launched India’s first electric tractor, Tiger Electric. This field tractor has an ex-showroom price of around Rs 5.99 lakh.

By compiling the latest technology, this tractor model has been designed in Europe.

The product delivers seamless power, has noise free and emission free features. It has been powered by an IP67 compliant 25 kW compact battery. This saves ¼ running costs compared to diesel.

With the Tiger Electric Tractor, Sonalika is taking agricultural mobility to a higher level.

Shop Auto Electrical Parts Online

So, now you are familiar with auto electrical parts for sonalika tractors. Then you must be looking for some authentic source to make purchases. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Purchasing auto-electric can be done both online and offline. The best way to go with an online shopping website where auto-electrical parts in India are available. One of the suitable websites for this purpose is FARGO.

FARGO is an online auto-electrical parts selling website.

On this website, you will get a wide range of automobile products. The quality of every product is exclusive and from original equipment manufacturers only. The price range of these products is very suitable.

The auto-electrical parts are authentic at an affordable price!

The category includes auto-parts for tractors as well as for other three and four wheeler vehicles. Make the best deals on this website!

FARGO’s product service is not limited to order delivery. Maximum customer satisfaction with long-product life is the motto.

So, make sure to purchase Sonalika Tractors auto-electrical parts from FARGO!


This was our review on auto electrical parts for sonalika tractors.

Whether it is a basic car or huge tractor, every auto-part plays its own role. From engine to brake…effective parts are needed for safe and durable running of vehicles. And when it comes to heavy vehicles like tractors…the basic parts also become important.

I have already listed the key electrical parts for Sonalika Tractors.

You can purchase most of them from our online store FARGO.

Let me know, according to you which Sonalika Tractor is best? And why? Tell us in the comment section.

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