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Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies in India

Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies in India

Being in the field of automobiles , I see a lot of companies: popular brands, best manufacturers, and different wholesalers for Automobile Spare Parts. But sometimes, I think about the top brands or manufacturers in this market.

India’s Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies

So, do you know about India’s Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies?

I guess you must be familiar with four-five well-established brands!

No doubt, companies or manufacturers known by us can differ. In your region, some brands might be popular, which are not many in my area. And this is normal for sure!

However, let’s get to some facts and analytics.

Different newspapers and reports covered the best automobile spare parts companies in India. Which companies are on top? This question is answered here.

In this post, you will read about the Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies in India. I will help you know which companies perform best in the automobile market.

So, let’s get straight to our topic.

Minda Industries Limited

A growing company, Minda Industries Ltd. has the latest grids for designing spare parts.

The company was started in 1958. With a very basic start-up, today they share high profit in the market. As per the latest reports, they have a turnover beyond $1140 million.

UNO Minda has about 62 manufacturing plants all over the world!

These plants are currently running in different countries, including India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Morocco, Germany, and Colombo. Their design centers are Japan and some other Asian countries. Also, they have sales offices in North America and European countries.

Currently, they are running a successful business with more than 2,100 team members.

WABCO India Limited

Another leading company in the automobile industry in India is WABCO India LTD.

This company is known for its exclusive auto-spare parts. But more than that, it provides leading services and technologies to commercial vehicles. Their inventions brought major solutions to India’s automobile industry.

Their barre-system parts, air-assisted parts, and other engine parts are very demanding.

WABCO has headquarters in Chennai. The company has 5 other manufacturing plants all over our country. They are bringing very amazing automobile products to the market!

Bosch Limited

In India, Bosch has established high brand value with its spare parts. Today, they share a good share of market profit. When it comes to the mobility of a vehicle, Bosch provides the latest techs. They have the largest development centers in India.

Bosch Ltd. was started in 1951. Starting with a small manufacturing plant, today they have 18 different sites for it. They also have seven development centers.

You will get different wholesalers for this company’s parts. Also, the entire Bosch Group operates thirteen different companies all over the nation.

Endurance Technologies Limited

By taking our Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies in India list further, we have Endurance Technologies Ltd. You might be hearing about this company for the first time, but they sell high numbers of products in the market.

In 2006, the Anurag Ltd. Company initially merged with this company.

Today, they manufacture advanced and diverse auto-electric parts in India. They earn high profits through transmission products, suspensions, and braking systems. They started with two aluminum casting machines. And today they have 16 and 9 plants in India and Europe respectively.

Sundaram Clayton Limited

Sundaram Clayton Ltd. is one of India’s largest spare parts manufacturers and distributors. It is a part of the TVS group that itself has an $8.5 billion value.

The company is not limited to manufacturing automobile spare parts. But also, they are a leading supplier in the non-automotive sector. They also supply aluminum die casting. The company was started in 1962, and today they hold many milestones.

Our automobile market enjoys its exclusive products and services.

Currently, they supply different types of products as per market demand. From the early stage of an initial product to finished products, they have a great manufacturing environment.

Varroc Engineering Limited

The Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies in India are categorized under different tiers. And among the companies in Tier 1, Varroc Engineering Ltd. leads the market. We can say it is the largest automobile spare parts manufacturer in India.

From designing to manufacturing products, everything is done by them only!

The company provides polymer components for vehicles, exterior lighting components, and many more. However, they share high profits in auto-electrical parts. Not only for four-wheelers, but they also manufacture spare parts for two and three-wheelers.

Varroc Engineering Ltd. is the sixth largest lighting parts manufacturer globally.

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This was my review of Top Automobile Spare Parts Companies in India.

With time, more and more manufacturers and companies will join this market. They will definitely replace today’s top companies with their products and technologies. But today, if you look at the list, these were the only top companies for auto-electric parts.

This list is prepared after complete research on reports.

Also, you can check out auto-electric parts on FARGO!

I hope you have found this useful. Which Automobile Spare Parts Company do you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section.

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